Quality in service: train your team to serve the customer 3.0

Currently, the quality in service is a determining factor in the retention and loyalty of customers, and for this, it is fundamental to train the team to meet the new type of customer.

All companies are already aware of current consumer behavior, which includes service and interaction across different channels, as well as a greater appreciation of a consistent and fluid experience.

In fact, the 2016 Dimension Data Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report indicated that 42% of all interactions are currently served digitally. This reinforces this new customer behavior, which prefers to use different communication channels, such as social media, Messenger, WhatsApp and others.

Because of these factors, it is a challenge for companies to prepare their teams for multichannel service without losing quality. With that in mind, we highlight how to achieve this goal.

How To Improve Quality In Service?

With the consumer increasingly demanding of qualified service regardless of the channel used, attendants need to have the appropriate training and tools to provide this differentiated experience.

The use of software for customer engagement is essential so that agents can have more relevant information about the client’s shopping journey, such as preferred channels and better service strategies.

The quality of care will depend on both the training of these professionals and the choice of an appropriate tool that is practical to use and has the necessary functionalities.

Using the omnichannel strategy associated with data intelligence, the company can achieve benefits such as:

  • personalized service based on the history of interactions;
  • contact with preferred customer channels, improving customer experience;
  • easy adaptation to changes in channel preferences by the consumer;
  • reduced response time and on-line time.

This set of advantages results in a significant improvement of the quality in the service offered, with greater preparation and structure of the team for a satisfactory support.

What Are The Benefits Of Customer Engagement Software?

One of the key client engagement software available is OlosChannel. Olos’ unique technology unites omnichannel customer service with data intelligence to provide insights and useful information for agents to deliver.

Among the findings of the Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report Dimension Data 2017, it is noted that “the road towards consistent and uniform management of contacts that does not generate friction in interactions will continue to dominate technological and operational transformation.” In this way, only omnichannel investment will enable companies to meet new consumer demands and provide rich and customized buying and relationship experiences.

OlosChannel still stands out for its Olos Web Interactive (OWI) functionality, a digital agent consisting of a visual, sound and interactive platform that differentiates itself by the variety of functions it performs, such as collections, product demonstrations, negotiations, data collection and others. In the current scenario, with more discerning and demanding consumers, in addition to more competitive competitors, it is fundamental to invest in tools, strategies and training that really allow the company to differentiate itself and improve the quality in service with consistency.

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