How to optimize your company’s processes with predictive dialer?

The predictive dialer is increasingly used in call centers in order to improve productivity and optimize the company’s service processes.

Many managers, however, are still unaware of the application of the system in practice and how technology facilitates processes.

Next, understand the operation of the predictive dialer and its differentials to make the operation more effective. Read on!


The predictive dialer consists of software that uses data intelligence to structure the operation of the call center.

This algorithm analyzes different factors, such as:

  • Availability of attendants;
  • Average service time;
  • Dial time, among others.

Therefore, the monitoring and evaluation carried out by the system will determine the pace of automatic dialing.

Thus, with the analyzed data, the predictive dialer stipulates when the attendant will be available for the next contact. This allows you to calculate in detail the time to initiate the subsequent call.

Let’s see an example in practice? The average answer time is 150 seconds and the average dialing time for a person to answer is 30 seconds. Soon, the system will initiate the next contact, when the agent reaches 120 seconds in the current service.

The remaining time is enough for the system to dial successfully. And, as soon as the current contact ends, there will already be a new customer on the line to be forwarded to the attendant who became available.

Therefore, the performance of the predictive dialer is accurate so that the processes work properly and at the right time.


In this scenario, the predictive dialer is a great option to improve service performance indicators. By optimizing processes, it is possible to decrease the average service time.

In addition, the system avoids common problems in operation, such as time spent on repetitive tasks, low quality of processes, idleness, among others.

But how does the solution provide all of this? The software has different characteristics that allow to increase the quality and efficiency in the service processes. Know the main ones:

  • Organization of records in categorized lists in the server database, improving mailing;
  • Machine learning, using the identified patterns to apply changes in the call structure aiming at improvements;
  • Detection of signaling to identify effective calls and avoid occurrences such as phones without a network, busy, disconnected, among others;
  • Possibility for the agent to notify the system if there is a longer service time. That is, the operator can warn that it will not be available in standard time, avoiding damaging the customer experience.

With such attributes of the predictive dialer, your company can enjoy a series of advantages, for example:

Therefore, the predictive dialer is recommended for areas such as call center, debt collection, renegotiations and customer service.


For the predictive dialer to meet business demands and be truly effective, it is important to choose an innovative tool to perform customer service.

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