Feedback: how to capture and improve the customer service quality

The customers’ satisfaction is essential when talking about the growth and solidity of a company. Therefore, to follow up their feedback is even more important to improve the customer service quality, mainly in a call center.

Although they recognize the importance of feedback, many managers do not know how to develop this strategy or how to use the obtained information to change their customer service processes. So, keep reading to be aware of how to put customer’s feedback into practice!

What is the importance of customer feedback in the Call Center?

According to this Glance Networks study, it is necessary to provide 12 positive experiences to compensate a single negative one.

What does this number show? Two important questions about the quality of customer service can be perceived with this data: processes and bad contacts are costly and overlap good experiences that one can have with the brand.

Now, imagine that a company does not capture its customers’ feedback and, for this reason, does not identify an operative failure that is impacting the customer’s journey. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of consumers can be negatively impacted before the problem is identified and corrected.

However, if there is a feedback follow-up, the organization can quickly verify a pattern in the complaints. In this way, an error may be corrected before affecting many consumers.

In addition to occasional failures, feedbacks help optimize and refine processes as a whole. With this, it is easier to align the service to the public’s profile and demands.

How to use feedback to improve the customer service quality?

In addition to capturing feedbacks, it is important that the information really contribute on improving the customer service quality. For this to happen, it is necessary that the managers have enough autonomy and data control.

In this case, clients’ feedback can help reveal two levels of challenges: the punctual and the systemic ones. The first case refers to failures that may occur during the purchase journey.

However, the systemics challenges are more serious. I would be, for example: lack of crew’s qualification, inefficient processes, low problem resolution index, high waiting time, among others.

So, when identifying the most recurrent problems, managers must have autonomy to propose and develop new processes and solutions. Some possible course changes would be: staff training, software implementation, processes automation, among others. All in order to improve the customer service quality and turn him into a defender of your brand. 

How to capture customers feedback?

Finally, it is important that Call Center managers know which strategies can be used to capture customers feedbacks. We talk about two of them below!


The NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a metric that helps to measure loyalty and customer satisfaction with the brand. It is based on the following question: “What are the chances of you recommending our company to a friend or colleague?”, being the answer a number between 0 and 10. The analysis should be as follows:

  • From 0 to 6: detractor clients, dissatisfied with the brand and with the potential to damage its image;
  • From 7 to 8: neutral clients;
  • From 9 to 10: satisfied client with the potential to promote the brand.

The NPS is obtained by subtracting the number of detractors from satisfied customers. In order to detail the information, it is possible to ask for a justification to the client for the grade he has given, which allows to understand what aspects should be improved.

Omnichannel Software

Using an omnichannel software oriented to customer engagement and relationship also contributes on getting feedbacks in different channels. It is possible to send surveys, request an attention service’s evaluation and ask if the problem has been solved.

OlosChannel, the Omnichannel Olos software, allows to integrate service channels, identifying the most relevant ones for the consumer and thus request feedbacks through them. In addition to this, it features follow-up functionalities, such as real-time monitoring, calls recording and personalized reports.

The objective is to use the generated data in the database in order to improve the customer service’s quality. This is how the platform can help increase the efficiency of contacts with consumers after feedback, which will generate a better experience with your company, getting to retain customers and work on their loyalty. Know more about the OlosChannel and contact us now!

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