Customer satisfaction: 5 ways of offering a high-quality support

Many companies have misgivings that, once the customer contacts the support, will be no longer satisfied with the shopping experience. However, customer satisfaction is also determined by the quality of this contact.

Differently from what many people might think, the consumer can be tolerant with some issues. According to the Lee Resources consultancy, when one resolves a complaint in favor of the client, there is a 70% chance of him returning to do business with the brand.

Therefore, a complaint or problem that requires the support is not necessarily the end of the line for a positive experience.

What is the importance of support for customer satisfaction?

Customer loyalty is essential for any company to achieve the long-term success. Faithful customers have a higher average ticket and cost less. In this way, customer satisfaction is directly associated with the retention capacity and a greater profit.

According to the NewVoice service company, by having a positive experience in the service, 69% of customers would recommend the company to their friends. Therefore, quality support impacts the chances of loyalty, the average ticket, brand recognition and even the branding of your business.

How to offer a quality support?

Due to the importance of quality support in customer satisfaction, it is essential that the company develop strategies to improve it. Following, we have listed 5 tips. Take a look!

  • Qualify your collaborators

Usually, the support service is performed by a human agent. It is this professional who will be responsible for promoting a good customer experience. In this way, one has to be qualified to perform this kind of job.

The person must be able to work with the available tools for consulting and solving the problem, explain the context to the clients and, mainly, listen to their demands. For so, technical and behavioral training is necessary to offer a better qualified support for the customers.

  • Use Data Intelligence

Many companies still do not realize it. However, a large part of the answers to the usual business problems are available in the same database generated by customers. This is because the clients generate a series of information that must be incorporated into the support strategy.

Hence, problems can be solved using data intelligence. For example: what are the most recurring doubts of the consumers, the operational obstacles that are most criticized, the recurring errors that affect the processes, among others.

  • Clearly defined processes

The support area usually works with the same similar problems, even if there are some exceptions that may arise and demand a longer response time. In this way, the clearness in the processes’ definition and the execution efficiency that will determine the quality of the department, which, consequently, will impact the customers’ satisfaction.

It is also possible to implement solutions that makes the resolution of problems easier, such as chatbots and FAQ, so that the client can solve the most common doubts without congesting the attention channels.

  • Map the purchase route

The mapping of the purchase route allows the company to address the steps of the customer. Thus, it will not reach any stage without being prepared for it, which avoids new doubts and dissatisfactions.

Besides that, going through all the stages of the customer’s journey helps to make a more conscious deal. This is because it guarantees that the customer knows the functions and qualities of the product or service that they intend to acquire, consequently reducing doubts at the time of the purchase and any subsequent problems.

  • Use an Omnichannel service

When identifying a problem, the consumer wants to contact the company through the channel that is most convenient for him, at the day and time he wants. In this way, it is essential that your brand is present in the most relevant channels for your audience. For example: voice, digital agent, WhatsApp, SMS Bot, chatbot, email, among others.

In addition to the presence, it is also important that you assure an Omnichannel experience for the client. By doing this, the customer can change channels without damaging the support and a consistent message will be maintained in all of them, which guarantees a high-quality service.

To control the contacts in the different channels without prioritizing one over others, it is essential for you to have an Omnichannel platform. The OlosChannel, for example, is a customer interaction software that automates various phases of the service, reducing the average service time without damaging the support service quality.

In addition to this, the platform uses data intelligence to monitor and gather different channels and the customer’s history in each channel. The solution is completely integrated and innovative for companies. All of this to use the channels more efficiently according to the user’s preference and thus increase customer satisfaction with your support service. Learn more about OlosChannel and contact us now!

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