How to optimize the patient experience with an omnichannel platform?

Several segments have already joined the new technologies in order to improve the relationship with customers. In the health area, this trend is no different and the implementation of solutions, such as the omnichannel platform, is necessary.

This feature directly impacts the patient’s experience, increasing the quality of service and influencing customer loyalty.

Find out below the main benefits of the omnichannel platform in the health sector and the importance of responsive service.


The omnichannel platform was developed to provide fluent service in different communication channels. With the tool, it is possible to unify patient information. What makes the approach more assertive, the service agile and facilitates the resolution of demands.

Check the feature differentials!

1. Integration between channels

The tool enables integration between the channels used by the clinic or hospital for contact. For example: phone, email, social networks, WhatsApp, chatbots and others.

This means that a patient who has scheduled an appointment over the phone will have no difficulty canceling or rescheduling using another means.

In addition, the patient relationship history is integrated so that all information is accessible through the channels available. All without compromising the confidentiality of the medical record.

2. Flexibility

Many patients are afraid that they will only be able to make contact through channels that are not accessible, such as by telephone during business hours. Or even worse: only in person. What hinders all processes, such as scheduling, access to exams, etc.

The integration between the channels also offers additional benefits to the patient, such as practicality and flexibility in the relationship with the health institution. Thus, it is possible to contact when and how you prefer.

3. Service efficiency

Another positive point is that the omnichannel platform offers functionalities to provide a more efficient service.

One of these features is the use of self-service channels. Thus, the patient can reschedule an appointment without having to speak to a human attendant.

This facility reduces waiting time and makes the process more practical, in addition to lowering the company’s operating costs.

4. Patient experience

Improving the patient’s experience is among the main challenges and objectives of health institutions. After all, it is necessary to provide an agile, effective and also humanized service to promote customer satisfaction. Technological tools are important allies in this process.

Among the benefits of the omnichannel platform for the patient experience, it is worth mentioning:

  • Patient autonomy to choose the preferred communication channel;
  • Change the means of contact during the service without prejudice to the resolution of problems;
  • There is no need to wait for a human attendant;
  • It is not necessary to repeat personal information and the reason for contact.

With these facilities, the patient can contact and resolve the demand in a few minutes, with comfort and practicality. Which makes you more likely to maintain a relationship with the clinic or hospital in the future.


A feature of the omnichannel platform is the availability of an innovative incoming service tool in an integrated manner. But what are the advantages of this solution?

In traditional IVR (Audible Response Unit) models, the patient needs to perform a series of ineffective steps, such as:

  • Inform personal data several times;
  • Wait for attendant availability;
  • Repeat the reasons for the contact.
  • And, possibly, not having the problem solved.

However, with the right technology, the situation is different. Since modern incoming service facilitates and automates the processes performed by patients. This ensures greater efficiency and agility, since the patient only needs to enter data and reason for contact once.

In addition, it is possible to schedule specific and personalized actions according to the customer’s profile.


As you can see, it is high time to update the form of service in your clinic or hospital. Your patient needs to have unified communication channels and quality incoming service.

Do you want to know how to adopt these strategies in your health institution? Count on OlosChannel, Olos omnichannel platform, with features such as digital agent (Olos Web Interactive) and incoming service (Olos Incoming).

The solution allows you to integrate all the company’s relationship channels to offer the best experience possible. In addition, it maps the customer’s journey, identifying the service history for the contact to be more relevant, and analyzes consumer preferences for the approach to be carried out in the preferred channel.

In addition, with Olos Incoming technology, it is possible to program strategic actions to improve automatic attendance. Everything according to the customer’s profile. For example, you can:

  • Forward customers to service on other channels (such as WhatsApp);
  • Send links by SMS asking questions about any procedure;
  • Identify that the customer recently purchased a promotional package, etc.

OlosChannel can be customized according to the needs of the business, making the solution more complete and adequate to the existing demands.

Learn more about OlosChannel now, contact us and schedule a demonstration visit.

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