OlosChannel is going to help your company in the entertainment sector to guarantee better customer service and retain customers.

Companies in general have recently lost a lot of money due to customer dissatisfaction regarding services, in many cases migrating to competing companies.

In the vast majority of cases, switching consumers to other brands could be avoided by companies.

In the entertainment sector, in hotel and travel companies, the market is highly disputed and, in order to retain and retain customers, it is necessary to provide quality service and extensive experience in all channels.


The OlosChannel guarantees the improvement of the relationship with the client at all times: before, during and after the purchase of the service:

Make reservations, rentals and related
Issue promissory notes and payment invoices
Streamline chack-in processes, room service, among others
Solve doubts about accommodation or travel conditions
Send time alerts, room release updates, and destination notifications
Conduct surveys and satisfaction surveys
Resolve complaints
And much more!
Run a demo

Multiple channels

for a better


to the client

Consumers from companies in the hotel and travel sector are connected through several channels at the same time.

They can make a reservation via website, make a request via WhatsApp and answer post-sale evaluations via SMS, for example.

Not being ready to meet customer demands and expectations can leave your business behind.

And the hotel and travel sectors need to modernize to match the new demands of the market.

When we talk about customer relationship and support, it is even more important to be aligned with the trends of the Digital Age.

With channel diversification, an assertive and efficient Omnichannel strategy is essential to ensure a differentiated experience and customer loyalty.

How does OlosChannel help your entertainment company?

Olos has a complete and fully integrated solution with various communication channels so that companies in the tourism sector can revolutionize the experience of their clients.

The OlosChannel offers all the functionalities that your company needs in a single platform: voice solutions (dialer and DAC), active IVR, inbound attention, Digital Agent, SMS bot, Chatbot (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, E-mail, etc.), and other communication channels in one single platform.

The Omnichannel platform is responsible for integrating relationship channels in search of a more fluid interaction between the different media.

It guarantees ease and speed to execute different actions such as a reservation or cancellation
Understand the history and profile of the client you are contacting
Identify consumer preference channels for contact
Personalize the approach according to the client's journey
Optimize the productivity of the customer service team
Have automated care processes
Talk to our experts

Importance of counting
on an exclusive digital agent


We still have an exclusivity: the Olos Web Interactive (OWI), a visual, sound and interactive self-service platform.

Our solution is capable of executing collections, sales and customer service functions, demonstrating products, negotiating, collecting data and everything your business may need.

All without the need for a human agent. See what the differentials are:


Digital agents adjust the way of speaking according to the customer’s profile, creating more identification with your audience.


The virtual attention service is comprehensive and continuous, and clients can contact, resolve doubts and make reservations whenever they want.

Less call time:

The customer is attended immediately by the system and can have their problem solved in a few minutes.


The solution can be used in various communication channels, such as social networks, SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, telephone and others, increasing the effectiveness and quality of communication.

Data intelligence:

The digital agent is able to identify customer demand and improve itself over time.

Why invest in OlosChannel

in hotel, travel and other services companies?

Fully involved hotel guests spend 46% more per year than non-involved customers, according to the Gallup study.

61% of travelers would like more information based on their personal travel preferences, according to Cognizant.

How then do we meet these customer needs? Your company has to invest in the Omnichannel platform!

With our technology, you are going to take the customer experience to another level and guarantee more sales of accommodations, airline tickets and the like.

Therefore, do not leave the OlosChannel out of your strategy and take advantage of all the benefits.

Integration of various channels
Access to consumer history
Mapping the customer journey
Personalization of the relationship and interaction
Greater assertiveness in communication
Increased customer satisfaction

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business