5 reasons to invest in a digital agent for your company

Imagine contacting a call center and, within seconds, solving your problem quickly and efficiently. The digital agent makes this possible. This technology revolutionizes customer service and delivers an innovative customer experience.

The digital agent is a system that has emerged to adapt the service of companies to the new patterns of consumer behavior of the Digital Age. Increasingly demanding and connected to the internet, they expect speed to solve their problems and contact with humans has become secondary to their relationship with the brand.

What Is A Digital Agent?

You must be wondering what a digital agent really is. We explain: it is a technology that automates the service via phone, chat, website and other channels in an intelligent way, as if it were a human being.

To provide the best customer service possible, the digital agents use mind maps, semantic dictionaries, and data intelligence to identify customer demand and improve over time.

Many companies already use this system. Has it happened, for example, that you call a bank and instead of selecting menus, you ask a question? If the answer is yes, you have already had contact with a digital agent.

But this technology goes even further. Besides recognize questions and answer them, digital agents can talk to you via chat, video and other various possibilities. Not to mention that they adjust the way of speaking according to the customer’s profile, creating more identification with your target audience.

Reasons To Invest In Digital Agents

As we mentioned above, the digital agent is capable of delivering an innovative customer experience and thereby increasing customer satisfaction with your business. But, there are even more advantages. Here are the top 5 reasons to implement this technology in your business:

01 – Increasing of Productivity

The digital agent is the ideal solution for dealing with recurring issues, as well as being able to collect data, present products, conduct negotiations and other activities. In this way, you can increase productivity and free your team just for more complex actions.

02 – Reduction of costs

One of the main advantages of this technology is the expense savings. After all, the digital agent can reduce the physical structure and investment with team training. So, you increase your company’s return on investment (ROI).

03 – Optimizing Call Time

With the digital agent, waiting queues for service can be things of the past. The customer is serviced immediately by the system and can have his problem solved in a few minutes – without the need to have contact with an operator or the menu navigation. All this results in a much faster service.

04 – Improving the effectiveness of care

The digital agent can be used in a variety of communication channels, such as social media, SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, and so on, so that it can serve the same client on numerous channels, increasing the effectiveness and quality of communication.

05 – Increased customer loyalty

All the advantages mentioned above generate greater consumer satisfaction with the brand, which increases loyalty and even attracts new customers. A huge advantage for companies that seek to position themselves in the market and for those who want to increase the number of customers.

How Can Eyes Help Your Company?

Olos Tecnologia e Sistemas has a visual, sound and interactive self-service platform, Olos Web Interactive (OWI) – which uses data intelligence to perform collecting, sales and customer attendance service functions with excellence.

Our digital agents are adapted according to the profile of the target audience and are integrated in several channels: voice (dialer and dac), URA, Multimedia Agent, SMS, Chatbot (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram etc), e-mail and others. This guarantees you the best service possible.

Want to know more about how it works? Visit our website and contact us!

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