How to integrate sales channels with an omnichannel platform?

The modern customer has new expectations about companies, demanding quality in the processes and the service provided. Considering this scenario, omnichannel platforms have come to transform the relationship between brands and customers.

However, in order that the omnichannel platform can work as expected, it is essential to integrate it into the sales channels, which will cause a truly differentiated customer experience.

Next, learn why omnichannel is important to companies’ strategies and how to integrate it with sales channels.


Adopting the omnichannel concept means to be aligned with current demands of the market. This integrated communication is no longer a differential, but a requirement for a good relationship with customers and a successful sales strategy.

The omnichannel platform is the necessary tool to apply this concept to a corporation. After all, in order to provide a better customer experience, solidify the relationship and achieve the expected results, you need automation and Data Intelligence.

Technology capabilities will provide the inputs to map the path-to-purchase, having more effective approaches. It will be possible, as well, to increase the service quality by unifying communication channels.


For an omnichannel communication to be truly applied in the business, it is important to integrate it with sales channels. That happens because the concept must be followed in all steps of customer contact.

For integration to be successful, strategy and technology must be united. Get to know some steps below!

Unified Database

For customers to have a smooth shopping experience between one channel and another in the company, the channels and the database need to be unified.

For example, a consumer might email the brand and minutes later make a phone call. In this context, the attendant must have access to this previous contact and all the history to perform a more complete and effective service.

Only with all the information integrated will it be possible to provide an omnichannel buying journey.

Data intelligence

Currently, there are several ways to automate relationship and sales channels, such as chatbots, digital agents and others. In these modalities, customers do not talk directly to a human agent. But contact information is also relevant to the shopping experience.

Therefore, it is important to use the omnichannel platform allied with Data Intelligence. Through this strategy you can:

  • Take into account all customer information;
  • Identify customer’s preferred channels;
  • Improve service via digital agent and other technological solutions.

Qualified Training

Integration between sales channels and the omnichannel platform also depends on training agents. Strategy goes far beyond self-service and agents still contribute to the customer relationship.

In training, employees should be aware of how the strategy works and also how to operate the available tools. Thus, the attendants are able to offer a better experience, solve the demands, make offers and carry out sales processes.


As mentioned, the omnichannel strategy has a number of benefits to meet new customers’ demands, improve relationship and sales experience. As a consequence, adopting a platform like this in your company will help increase the results of your business.

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The tool can be customized according to business needs, making the solution completer and more effective for existing demands. Integration options with other solutions such as autodialer and digital agent are also available. Are you interested? Contact us and schedule a demo visit.

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