How a multichannel platform helps customer relationship management

Currently, customer relationship management strategies are among the most important for brands, as they enable us to improve the customer experience. With this, the adoption of a multichannel platform becomes more and more necessary.

The use of a multi-channel platform is in line with the omnichannel experience. This strategy consists not only in providing different channels of customer contact, but also in integrating them and improving their fluidity.

In this way, an omnichannel experience allows the customer to navigate different channels of the company, such as website, phone, social networks, blog, physical store and others, in order to advance the shopping journey.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Multichannel Platform?

When thinking about the omnichannel strategy, managers should relate it to customer relationship management. After all, the goal is precisely to increase the diversity of channels available for contact while the service is personalized.

This customization is possible because the multichannel platform utilizes data intelligence and customer’s journey monitoring to assess which channels are most relevant for the company to contact the consumer.

The definition of the most relevant channels takes into account the client’s history in the relationship with the company, besides the preferences and profile of the consumers of the brand. As a result, a customer who prefers contacts by phone will be approached in this way, while another who prefers email will be directed to that channel.

Thus, the main advantage of the multichannel platform is to enable customer service customization while using technology and data intelligence to identify the customer’s most affinity channels.

The result is a significant improvement in the customer experience, which has a direct impact on the sales chances of the company and also on retention and loyalty strategies.

Another advantage achieved with the solution is the reduction of costs, as there is the automation of processes, which increases the productivity of the team, reduces waste and optimizes the sales capacity of the brand, generating more profitability to the company.

How Does Olos Facilitate Customer Relationship Management?

In order for these benefits to be achieved, the company must invest in a modern multichannel platform that has the necessary functionalities to improve the purchase journey. In this scenario, we highlight OlosChannel, our software for customer engagement.

The software allows monitoring the customer’s journey and mapping the interactions to identify the preferences of each consumer, as well as using data intelligence to provide insights to managers and to improve decision-making in relation to the brand’s service channels, such as telephony systems.

When choosing the multichannel platform that will be adopted in the company, it must be considered if it operates in the cloud, data analysis and monitoring in real time, because these differentials provide more security to the system and improve the assertiveness of the solution.

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