How to optimize customer service and customer experience at Fintechs?

The customer experience is a central aspect for companies to be able to not only serve the consumer, but also positively impress them and build a solid relationship.

Thus, the strategy of offering a great experience helps to build customer loyalty and increase consumer retention. This provides financial gains for the company, regardless of the segment, in the long run.

Fintechs, startups that work to innovate and optimize financial services, are among the businesses that best identify the new demands of the public and act to meet them. In this way, companies are usually focused on the customer experience.

So, if your fintech still doesn’t think about actions to delight the customer in the service, you are falling behind. Next, learn how to differentiate yourself in the market and how omnichannel communication is important in this regard.


The growth of fintechs is due to innovation in the ways of handling and managing your own money, bank accounts and financial services. But it is also linked to the good performance in the relationship with the customer.

In general, digital channels, such as chats and e-mail, are in high demand. And in the case of fintechs, it is no different.

In addition, companies have identified that customers maintain a preference for telephone service on certain occasions. After all, the connection is considered a more practical and accessible channel to solve complex problems.

Therefore, fintechs work to meet the needs of consumers and provide agile and efficient service, providing a good customer experience. As a consequence, it is possible to:

  • Increase consumer satisfaction;
  • Improve service performance indicators;
  • Optimize operator productivity.


In this scenario with several service channels, fintechs need to be on the lookout to constantly improve the customer experience.

But how to do this in practice? Omnichannel communication is key to meeting customer expectations and optimizing service.

Learn the reasons for implementing the following strategy!

1. Channel integration

The possibility of integrating communication channels makes customers see a differential in the brand. The omnichannel is the only strategy that allows this wide performance in the service and relationship areas.

Thus, when making available different channels, the consumer can get in touch with the one that best suits his needs at the moment. This allows you to optimize the customer experience.

2. Experience customization

With the omnichannel, it is possible to gather and integrate all communication channels, without prejudice to the service. Thus, the customer experience is fluid even between the different means of contact.

That is, the consumer can initiate contact via social network and continue by phone, without having to explain his demand again. Therefore, the attendant has access to the history and can customize the approach.

In addition, data intelligence, present in the omnichannel, facilitates the identification of the consumer’s preferred channel. Which helps increase personalization.

3. Self-service

Self-service options are also part of the omnichannel platform. In this way, it is possible to give the client autonomy and allow him to solve simple demands, without the need for a human agent.

Which generates productivity gains for the team. As well as, it reduces the queue, improves the average service time and demand resolution rates.

4. History analysis

The omnichannel platform allows you to map the consumer’s journey and monitor the customer’s history for inquiries. Then, through data analysis, it is possible to identify trends, recurring demands, operational bottlenecks and others.

With this, the company can monitor these indices and make more assertive investments to improve the customer experience.

5. Relationship building

The omnichannel strategy, with integration, unified history and personalization, allows fintech to not only serve the customer. But develop a relationship with him.

This characteristic differentiates the strategy from other solutions and makes it indispensable in a business charged with technological advancement.


In addition to adopting the omnichannel strategy, it is also necessary to value telephone service at fintechs. After all, as we mentioned, this is one of the customers’ favorite channels.

To solve this demand, the company can invest in innovative incoming service solutions. This feature goes beyond the traditional IVR, which consisted of waiting lines, several menus, repetition of personal data and reason for contact. And in some cases, it didn’t even offer a consistent solution to the problem.

With the incoming service, the processes can be configured by the company itself, personalizing the service. In addition, the customer can only speak the demand to be redirected to a specialized attendant or to be recommended to another channel to resolve the issue.

This whole process takes place without the need to repeat personal data or the reasons for contact.


To provide the best customer experience, count on omnichannel and responsive service solutions.

OlosChannel is an omnichannel platform, with digital agent functionality and integrated Olos Incoming.

This way, your fintech can guarantee a good customer experience via telephone and still integrate the different means of communication. Which allows the identification of consumer preference channels.

Get to know OlosChannel and all the potentials of this technology for your Fintech. Get in touch now and request a demo visit.

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