How to intensify customer experience management in online stores?

Virtual stores are among the segments that continue to grow with a sales expectation of R $ 79.9 billion in 2019, according to ABComm. However, to achieve the desired results, efficient customer experience management is required.

According to the study “The State of Customer Service in Brazil”, 68% of consumers would overpay for a service or product if they had better service. 87% of customers, on the other hand, expect companies to offer automatic service channels without human intervention.

Therefore, customer experience management is directly related to the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Thus, it is possible to retain customers in e-commerce and increase the competitiveness of the business.


The management of the customer experience depends on several factors ranging from strategies, tools, training, among others. Everything to improve the service and the relationship with the consumer.

Therefore, it is not just up to the manager to bring new solutions and not just the team to be engaged. Success is the result of a balance between different aspects. Next, check out the main factors to be taken into account!

Team commitment

Yes, the commitment and engagement of the service team are determining factors in the ability of the virtual store to offer a differentiated experience to customers.

To make an effective service, operators need patience, empathy and proactivity to create an emotional connection. In addition, training and mastery of processes is required.


What makes the experience you offer your customer different? Does the consumer feel an important part of your business when you are served?

With increasing competition, the difference may be in the small details. For example: calling by name, offering a gift, providing more practical service channels, remembering special dates, etc.

Therefore, to meet the expectations of modern customers, it is necessary to offer personalized service. Thus, it is essential to map the customer journey, perform data analysis, identify consumer preferences and invest in tools.

Clear policies

The main test to see the effectiveness of customer experience management concerns problems. When e-commerce sales processes don’t go as planned, it’s time to analyze the company’s response.

For example, if the customer wants to make an exchange or return, the brand must offer a clear and efficient process for him to do so. In addition, the information must be accessible.

It is possible to differentiate yourself even then, asking what went wrong, what could be better and how to correct the error. In this case, attention is essential.

Digital Agent

We have come to an important and often underestimated part of customer experience management: the tools.

The operator will not work miracles if the online store does not have the necessary resources to provide an excellent service.

In this sense, the digital agent is a great option. The solution allows you to intelligently automate service via phone, chat, website and other channels. Thus, it is possible to perform collection, sales and SAC functions with excellence, without the need for human intervention.

With this, in addition to improving the relationship, the company serves those consumers who wish to use automatic service channels.

Omnichannel communication

Currently, a synonym for good service is the ability of the online store to provide several contact channels. But it is no use just having different means of communication. It is necessary to maintain quality and standardization in all of them.

To meet these demands, it is worth investing in omnichannel communication strategies. The platform diversifies the available channels, such as phone, chat, WhatsApp, email, SMS and others. However, the main differential is the integration between all of them.

Thus, a service initiated by telephone can migrate to WhatsApp without prejudice to the customer experience. Thus, the attendant has a history of the relationship to continue the contact in a fluid way.


To put into practice the best practices for managing the customer experience, count on OlosChannel.

The omnichannel platform has resources to map the customer journey, personalize service and unify channels. In addition, it can be integrated with other solutions, such as the digital agent, to offer all the technological apparatus necessary to the service area.

The tool guarantees a more efficient customer experience management, based on data intelligence. What provides assertiveness in decision making.

Learn more about OlosChannel and know the differentials that can be achieved by your e-commerce with this technology!

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