How to avoid inactive time in contact centers and improve operation performance using a predictive dialer

Calls that don’t go through, a long wait between calls… These are recurrent problems in contact centers, whether we are talking about collecting, sales or customer relationship agents.

Our predictive dialer solves this issue.

The solution automatically makes calls, projecting the time between active calls. The system uses complex algorithms to identify when the ongoing call is about to end and initiates a new dial, which increases the operation’s productivity by reducing idle time.

In addition, the solution interprets data related to contact attempts and successes day after day, keeping the history of customer behavior and checking every time with each customer what he or she prefers for the next attempts. This translates into a decrease in the rate of uncompleted calls.

3 types of call dialers

In addition to the predictive dialer, we have two other types of dialers, one of them must be perfect for your company’s needs, to achieve better results and improve business. See below:

  1. Predictive Dialer – As we said, this type of dialer uses an advanced algorithm that understands the best time to make a number of calls to meet a future demand, reducing the idle time of the contact center.
  2. Automatic Dialer – With this solution, the next call only is initiated when the agent becomes available. However, the system makes multiple dials at the same time, reducing the time needed to get an effective contact. If more than one contact answers the call, it is redirected to other free attendants.
  3. Preview Dialer – With this dialer, the attendant can preview customer information before dialing and monitors all attendant times (analysis, choice, dialing, speech and tabulation), generating reports. This allows for a more strategic and personalized communication, recommended to improve the quality of care, as the agents have substantial information about the customer before starting the contact.

Time is Money

Olos Dialers represent a game changer for contact centers. If your company doesn’t use them, it’s probably wasting valuable time. And time is money! Here are some benefits:

  • Expansion of the volume of effective contacts.
  • Greater assertiveness in contacts.
  • Increase quality of service.
  • Decrease in idle time for attendants.
  • Improved employee productivity.
  • Cost reduction in the operation.
  • Easier to monitor metrics.
  • Process automation.

At Olos, we have the most awarded predictive dialer in the country, winning for consecutive years prizes that put us ahead of the competition.

Our dialer is part of the OlosChannel platform, with several built-in features for omnichannel customer communication. Contact us to know our success stories! Contact us.


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