Customer Experience: How the technology helps in the sales process?

Lately Customer Experience is becoming more and more important for well-succeeded sales in a corporation. According to the 2015 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, 62% of the customers have already broken up a relationship with a bran because of a bad attention service experience.

In order to guarantee the service quality and to provide a positive experience, brands must invest in technologies capable of tracking and understanding the customer’s journey, besides providing several channels of contact and the process automation.

What is the Customer Experience relevance in the sales?

The same report has shown that 60% of the customers have bigger expectations about the attention service than they had a year ago. This data summed to the previous one shows us how much the clients are demanding more from their relationship with brands and that’s essential to provide a good experience.

Besides the fact that this good experience can allow new sales to be concretized, it also affects the customers loyalty, what determines the chances of getting to make a deal with a lower acquisition cost.

Nowadays, to be polite and providing a good service is not enough anymore, being crucial to keep up to the new trends and customers demands, what also implies in modern solutions and more assertive strategies.

Many managers know the importance of implementing a customer engagement software and other solutions that present consistent results in the long term; nevertheless, they don’t know what technologies are more suitable for their business.

How can the technology improve the customer experience?

When using new technologies, our main goals are to provide a better operational efficiency, costs reduction and a better experience for your customer.

Reaching these three goals with the same investment is possible. A software for customer engagement, such as OlosChannel, makes the customer’s journey tracking, obtaining thorough data about the interactions with your brand from the beginning to the end of the relationship. When you findyou’re your target’s main needs and preferred channels, you have a concrete basis to make strategical decisions.

When the corporation tracks the customer’s journey, it identifies which kind of approaching is more relevant for him, according to the moment he is in his day. That’s why it increases the chances of making contacts that bring the results that you want.

Besides those characteristics, a software for customers engagement still provides you several functionalities that will make the agent activities easier, such as access to the history of actions from the customer, what allows a much more customized and efficient service.

The fact of being multichannel is also important, once in this way the approaching is addressed to the channel (email, SMS, social networks, telephone) which is more relevant for the customer, according to his moment of the day.

The digital agent (a technology made for automating the service via telephone, chat, website and other channels in a smart way, as if it was human) also makes the customer’s experience easier, because it identifies his demand, learns it very quickly and guarantees a more efficient service in the next interactions.

Willing to know our software for customer engagement and to really improve your customer’s experience, whether it’s in a sale or in a regular service? Be in touch with us and ask for an OlosChannel demonstrative visitation!

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