Consumer behavior: how can virtual charging optimize results?

Technology has enormously influenced modern consumer behavior (and still does it). This requires your company to develop strategies and approaches that goes with this new scenario, regardless of the market.

In this context, interaction with human agents will be less and less necessary. On the other hand, customers should get more autonomy and customization in contacts with their brand, thanks to the help of virtual assistants.

According to Gartner, by 2020, 85% of the customers would contact brands without interacting with humans. It is clear that automation is a trend, but it is also a requirement to remain competitive in this new reality.

Demands of the new customer behavior

Considering the behavior of modern customers impacted by technology, companies seek to meet new demands. Therefore, they look for ways to modernize and innovate their relationship with the customer.

In order to attend these consumer expectations, autonomy and personalization become increasingly relevant and determinant. Putting these aspects into practice in your business will be critical to improve the consumer experience.

The collection sector is one of the most affected by changes in consumer behavior. But the collection process is extremely delicate. Any misunderstanding can cause embarrassment on the client and make his experience and his relationship with the brand worse.

Traditionally, this action was conducted by telephone contacts using human attendants. This practice increased the chances of process failures and did not help in receiving the debts.

Virtual collection

Amid this complex situation, technology enabled virtual collection, which guarantees automation, process efficiency and cost reduction to the company. One of the most important points of this novelty is that the client himself can start the negotiation independently and in a practical way.

Consumers can access history, check payment options, negotiate, and finish the process. Several different channels are available for negotiation and discharge of debts. All this without the embarrassment of the collection being carried out by a person.

Among the channels available for the contact are phone, chatbot, SMS, mobile app, email, WhatsApp and others. Therefore, your company counts on a much greater time availability and facilities for the consumer.

These benefits are directly related to new consumer behavior. After all, they include efficiency in service, personalization and autonomy.

How to define the must suitable virtual colletion strategy?

With the technological advance, the solutions for virtual collection have become more complete to guarantee efficiency and assertiveness in the attendances. OlosChannel, for example, is a specialized software. The platform analyzes the channels used by the client in order to choose which one is the most relevant. This increases the effective contacts and the chances of success in the virtual collection.

The solution can still be integrated with other Olos features, such as Olos Web Interactive (OWI), a unique digital agent that features a visual, sonorous and interactive platform with billing, sales and SAC functions. With this, it guarantees the personalization, automation and efficiency of the service.

OlosChannel monitors and stores customer information and uses data intelligence to ensure a more satisfying journey, what has an impact on customer satisfaction, retention, and customer loyalty metrics. Want to know more about the modern customer behavior? Meet Olos now and get in touch!

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