Olos is one of the ClientSA’s 2021 Awards finalists

It is good to have our work recognized, don’t you agree? It is a sign that we are on the right track, that we meet the market expectations, and that we have talent and competence. That is why the Olos team is happy to reach the finalist stage among the nominees for the ClienteSA Award 2021.

The ClienteSA Award was created in 2014 with the purpose of recognizing, identifying and giving projection to the best practices in the relationship between companies and clients.

Speaking of fans

Olos competed for the award presenting a successful case of customer service to one of the biggest soccer teams in Brazil. Using state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence, omnichannel platform and several functionalities, Olos managed to make the club create new customer service channels and be truly omnichannel, making the fan service efficient with an innovative experience.

Through intelligent consulting, the problems in the communication with fans were mapped. Until then, almost half of the contacts received were lost due to lack of human capacity. The automation of customer service with integration of the voice and text worlds in different channels solved the issue.

Olos hits the field

Innovation has also enabled the club to offer an excellent experience when buying tickets, T-shirts, and other products, when visiting the stadium, when renewing the membership card, and much more.

Different solutions were implemented:

  • IVR Receptive – Answering calls by voice recognition, promotes partial interactions or from the beginning to the end of the contact (without the use of a human agent), addressing several issues, such as tickets, payments, rating, card, plans and benefits.
  • WebChat Bot – The site’s Online Chat, a receptive text channel, started using a previously built dialog bot to communicate automatically, using natural language integrated to Artificial Intelligence, offering an innovative experience for the fan members and fans who visit the site and search for information, ticket purchases, products, information about plans, payments, login/password, shows, etc.
  • WhatsApp Bot and Facebook Messenger Bot – Replication of the WebChat Bot with the necessary adjustments.
  • E-mail – The reception of messages by e-mail has gained an automatic distribution so that human attendants can read and answer in a more organized and quicker way. Automatic replies were also implemented, encouraging the use of digital channels.
  • In-person service – A tablet for in-person service triages the user who seeks to resolve any issue in person. This allowed queue management and also the storage of the reasons for in-person service, a unified record of interactions, and a 360º view of the fan.

Empathic greetings, according to the outcome of the game

The implementation of the entire project was done in three stages, with great success. For the phone answering service, an Empathic IVR was created, which answers calls with an initial greeting that changes according to the result of the last game. If the team wins, a happy greeting. If the team loses, a warm greeting. And if it is disqualified, that more welcoming greeting to motivate the fan. This makes a difference, since the fans feel welcome, and contributes to the good results of the service.

Want to know the results? Here are some numbers:

  • For IVR, which had 50% call abandonment rate, the goal was to reach 35% abandonment. The actual result was only 9% call abandonment after the implementation of the Olos system.
  • For the chat, which also had a 50% abandonment rate, the goal was to reach 30%. The result achieved was 5%, a great success.

Tailor-made digital agent

For this project, we used one of Olos’ digital agents, tailor-made to represent the supporter program. This is Rafa, a thoughtful and discreet guy. For your company, we can create a digital agent that your client will identify with and feel comfortable talking to or using any of our different Olos digital agent profiles.

Let’s exchange ideas and solve service bottlenecks? Let’s create together a success story that puts your company among the winners?