Revolutionize the customer experience and improve the profitability of your company.

No matter what your communication need is, OlosChannel has been developed with a focus on providing an innovative customer experience with your brand.

Whether for customer service, collection or sales, the platform provides all the channels one needs to promote the best customer relationship, in an integrated way, with assertive and personalized communication.

OlosChannel has innumerable functionalities, which can be adapted according to your needs. Thus, you have a complete solution that actually brings results for your business.

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diverse channels, a single experience

OlosChannel integrates various communication channels on a single platform.





Voice (dialer and DAC)

Inbound service

SMS bot

Multimedia agent

Why invest
in the customer experience
with OlosChannel?

Your company can grow 5x faster with an enhanced customer experience, says Forrester’s survey.

Olos Omnicanal platform offers a fully integrated, innovative and next-generation solution to create an exceptional experience for your clients.

With OlosChannel, you revolutionize the customer experience. Look how:

Greater assertiveness in communication:

It uses efficient communication solutions in financial institutions and banks for the sale of customer service, after-sales, doubts, customer loyalty management campaigns, collections, among others.

Mapping the customer path to purchase:

Get access to the full customer history with your brand – no matter what channels he has contacted.

Channel integration:

It is possible to start the approach through one channel and continue through another without losing the history and guaranteeing the fluidity of the contact.

Smart self-service solutions:

The platform has a package of technological solutions that facilitate customer service.

All benefits
from our

Omnichannel platform

Quality care service
Innovative experience
Greater customer satisfaction
Process optimization
Increased efficiency
Greater productivity
Cost reduction
Increase profitability

Integrated OlosChannel


Have more information about all the possibilities we offer for your company

Digital Agent:

Inbound and Outbound solution with voice recognition, that promotes partial interactions or from the beginning to the end of the contact, without the need for a human agent.

Olos Web Interactive (OWI):

Visual self-service platform, fully interactive and capable of providing incredible experiences.

Olos Inbound:

It allows the automation of the inbound service to speed up the customer service process, the resolution of demands and also reduce call time.

Predictive call dialer:

Advanced algorithm that understands when is the best time to make a certain number of simultaneous calls, reducing the idle time of the contact center.

Automatic call dialer:

Make calls only when there are free operators, following the demand of the operation.

Preview call dialer:

It displays the client’s information before dialing and monitors all the operator’s times (analysis, choice, dialing, speaking and tabulation), generating reports.


Interpret your mailing, distributing it to the most suitable communication channels.

Olos Bot:

Extremely efficient robot, available for various media: WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Telegram or SMS.

Action plan:

It allows you to sequence the chaining of campaigns for any available service / channel, guaranteeing that your entire audience is reached.

Multimedia agent:

Combination of communication channels that allows the operator to alter the service of attention between the voice and text channels (webchat, Facebook, Skype, etc.).

Silence Analysis:

Solution to detect fraud in the operation. It is possible to identify when the client ends the call and its disconnection occurs.

Integrated softphone:

IP platform that monitors, trains, confers, automatically unlocks the “mute”, displays the client’s name, controls the volume gain and much more.

Number track (customer behavior):

Stores and interprets data on call attempts and contact successes, generating a history of customer behavior.

Real time monitoring and management:

Complete control panel with reports, call recording, as well as real-time management and monitoring of calls. This guarantees complete management of the operation.

How does

OlosChannel work?

What are the OlosChannel’s


Take a look at the main differentiators that the Omnichannel
platform can offer for your company.

Features configured according to customer needs
Interface fully addressed to the end user
100% of the platform under Olos domain
SaaS model (Software as a Service)
Multi-language platform: Portuguese, English and Spanish
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Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business