Olos Inbound

Innovate in your company’s Inbound service with Olos inbound technology.

To promote a great Inbound service experience, it is necessary to have innovative and modern technology.

When calling the company, the customer needs to receive a quality, personalized and humanized Inbound service to meet demands quickly.

The Olos inbound, Olos’ inbound care function, facilitates and automates this process. With this, it is possible to avoid the problems of the traditional customer service and guarantee consumer satisfaction.

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Traditional inbound

service issues

With the traditional IVR, the inbound care service occurs as follows:

The customer calls and needs to inform personal data
Directed to various menus, the client tries to find the sector that most resembles what he needs to solve his demand
It is then necessary to wait for the availability of an operator, without having any information about the waiting time or other channel options
When being attended, the client needs to repeat personal information and the reason for the contact
It is still possible that the client is redirected again, having to repeat the information once more. Or worse yet: you may be asked to contact another phone

The results of traditional inbound service are disastrous:

Customer upset with the company
Operator and client waste time
High cost for operation
Very high average service time

Importance of Olos Inbound to improve the customer service experience

Customers want more agility, quality and efficiency in inbound service operations.

For 82% of consumers, good customer service is directly related to troubleshooting, and 70% would buy back the brand if it met their demands, according to the Consumer Commitment Index.

62% of customers stop buying from companies because of a lousy customer service experience, according to the Microsoft report.

For 41% of Brazilian consumers, agility in resolving demands is the most important aspect for a positive experience, according to the Endeavor report.

Unlike the traditional IVR service, the Olos Inbound arrives to solve the problems of the service service operation, provide the best customer experience and guarantee consumer satisfaction.

How does the
customer service work
with the Olos Inbound

See a step by step of how the platform automates the inbound service:

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When contacted, the client informs the document to the digital agent, being able to speak or type.
The agent asks the client to report the reason for her contact
Using artificial intelligence, the system understands the request and asks if the client wants to execute the action through the system or contact a human operator
In the event that you choose to speak to an operator, the customer is informed about the waiting time until contact. Above, it is suggested that you receive attention through an auxiliary channel, such as WhatsApp, for example.
If you choose to continue on the line and talk to the operator, the professional who attends you already knows who the customer is and their demand, speeding up the resolution.

Benefits of the receptive attention service for your clients

Platform integration with all contact details in one place
Ability to communicate by voice with easy understanding
Start contact on one channel and end it on another
More fluid communication between the various communication channels
There is no need to repeat the information
Quality in the service of attention and speed in the solution of the demands (attested by a satisfaction survey and quality audit)

What are the results of
using Olos Inbound?

Olos inbound service function solves the main problems of traditional operation:

Accelerates the customer service process
Solve customer demands
Reduces waiting time
Avoid the feeling of wasted time
Increase customer satisfaction
Decreases average service time
Improves operator productivity
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What are the Olos Inbound differentiators for your company?

Creation of targeted campaigns for certain actions
Ease of use of the Olos Inbound
Flexibility of channels for customer service
Inbound service reports easy to configure and access

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business