Interactive Voice
Response – IVR

Get an exclusive IVR solution and provide easy, customized and excellent service for your clients.

Offer your clients truly agile, efficient, personalized and humanized customer care!

The Olos Interactive Voice Response – IVR service is perfectly customizable and provides outbound, inbound, Digital IVR with voice recognition and Humanized IVR with DTMF models.

Our technology answers calls, solves doubts, directs the service, recognizes numbers and voice, plays predefined audios and even TTS (text-to-speech)

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Why implement
Interactive Voice Response?

To streamline customer service, companies have adopted Interactive Voice Response technology in their processes.

But the IVR evolution revealed some new functions appear for this tool, such as the availability of inbound and outbound IVR, which have specific functions.

The definition of which system is the best for you depends on your business’ demands regarding customer service and relations.

How does
our IVR work?

Inbound IVR

Olos Inbound IVR has a specific process after customer contact, which allows to streamline and automate the customer service. The tool works according to the steps below:

The client informs the data by dialing or speaking them.
The digital agent asks about the reason for the contact.
Using artificial intelligence, the information is processed and the client has the option of resolving the demand by the IVR platform or directly with an agent.
If the client makes the option of being attended by an agent, he is informed about the queue time and also of the additional channels where he can solve his problem, such as WhatsApp.
When the agent is online, all the client information and the reason for the call is known, not being necessary to repeat them.

Outbound IVR

Olos Outbound IVR makes calls directly to the client to promote a proactive relationship.

This type of contact is necessary, for example, to:

Offer of new products and services.
Promotional actions disclosed by the brand.

Digital IVR with Voice Recognition

The voice recognition of Olos Tecnologia’s Digital IVR allows your company’s customers to interact with technology through voice commands, as if they were talking to an agent, without having to use the telephone keypad.

Humanized IVR with DTMF

The Olos Humanized IVR with DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling) is that traditional model of Interactive Voice Response in which the customer passes through his buying journey selecting his options using the telephone keypad.

As the system is humanized, Olos IVR with DRMF allows the service to be more efficient, using data intelligence and providing options according to the characteristics of the client’s history.

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Main advantages of the technology

Accelerates and streamlines the customer service process.
Improves the resolution rate.
Improves customer experience.
Decreases waiting time.
Reduces average service time.
Increases employee productivity.

Integrate IVR
with OlosChannel


Our IVR solutions are still integrated with other Olos technologies, such as the OlosChannel, an Omnichannel communication platform that guarantees a high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Through data integration and intelligence, the system offers the most probable solutions, in addition to providing the resolution of the call through other channels, such as WhatsApp, the IVR itself or forwarding it to a human agent, always telling the expected waiting time.

When answered by the agent, the client does not need to repeat his personal data or the reason for his contact. This is because the agent already has access to what has been previously discussed, streamlining customer service.

Guarantee a differentiated experience for your clients! Solve your demands with efficiency, agility and customization.

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Why invest in the Interactive
Voice Response?

Reduces call and waiting time.
Guarantees resources usability.
Improves employee productivity.
Provides customization for specific actions.
Allows integration with Omnichannel technology.
Offers monitoring resources to evaluate team performance.

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business