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With OlosChannel, have everything in one place: voice dialers, multimedia agent, SMS bot, chatbot, social networks, e-mail, digital agent, inbound service, Olos Web Interactive (OWI), digital recording, monitoring and more.

Integrates all customer relationship channels into a single software
Identify consumer's preferred channels automatically
Map customer journey and access complete consumer history
Uses data intelligence to automate inbound and outbound service
Do the complete management of your operation

Improve the profitability

of your company

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Improve service quality
Personalize the relationship and interaction with the client
Generates greater consumer satisfaction
Reduce operating costs
Increase agent productivity
Guarantees higher profitability

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customer experience

Digital Agent

Solution with voice recognition, outbound and inbound, that promotes interactions from the beginning to the end of the contact, without the need for a human agent. Integrated into Olos Web Interactive, it automates personalized customer service flows.

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Olos Web Interactive (OWI)

Complete visual, sound and interactive self-service platform, which connects with various communication channels. Olos exclusive solution, capable of executing collection, sales, customer service and much more. With artificial intelligence, it perfects itself while making contacts with customers.

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All the solutions you can want for call dialers to improve the productivity of operators in the customer service center, increase the number of effective contacts and monitor performance.

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Sectors that use OlosChannel


Whether in physical stores or online, it integrates all customer relationship channels to help them answer questions, make purchases, have support, thus providing better experiences to guarantee future sales.

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In the entertainment sector in hotel and travel companies, the market is highly competitive, and in order for it to retain customers, it is necessary to provide quality service and extensive experience in all service channels.

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Financial market

It uses efficient communication solutions in financial institutions and banks for the sale of services, customer service, after-sales, doubts, loyalty management campaigns, collections, among others.

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Optimizes the relationship with patients in companies in the health area, such as clinics, hospitals and laboratories, from the appointment of medical consultations, to customer service, withdrawal of examinations, diagnosis and accompaniment.

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Identify the consumer’s preferred channel, personalize the customer experience, and automate customer service processes in contact center operations with Omnichannel and self-service communication solutions.

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Maintain customer service and sales areas in transportation companies, hotels, tourism agencies, educational institutions and other businesses, always ready to meet the demands of consumers and to improve their experience with the brand.

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Innovative and intelligent solutions for customer relations
All customer service channels in one place
Flexible and easily adjustable platform
Custom functionalities
Unified reports and mapping of the route
20% to 100% better performance than competitors
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