Cost management: 5 technologies to save costs in Call Centers

For efficient cost management consistent with the super competitive corporative scenario we live in today, technology and strategy must be combined. This happens in the call centers but also is true in other market segments.

After all, companies today, especially call centers, are increasingly looking for technology solutions in order to reduce expenses. So, to stand out from competitors, you need to bet on new tools that deliver real savings and attend the demands of modern consumers.

This is because technologies go along with effective cost management, allowing you to reduce and monitor spending more assertively.


Keeping this current scenario in mind, we highlight here the most relevant technologies to put cost management into practice in call centers. Check out the top 5 below!

1. Automatic Dialer

The auto dialer optimizes call center operation by increasing employee productivity. Through this feature, system makes automatic calls according to the mailing previously registered and forwards only completed calls to attendants.

Thus, managers have greater control over calls they make, improving cost management. Meanwhile, attendants can spend less time on repetitive and operational activities.

2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows you to interact and direct users according to their needs. This reduces waiting times and minimizes contact dropouts.

Due to the data intelligence applied to the IVR, the tool allows clarifying doubts and collecting user information. Which makes communication more assertive and relevant, enabling a humanized call center service.

3. Chatbot

Bots are already widely used in customer service technologies. This happens mostly due to an increased operational efficiency when working with bots, which optimizes cost management.

In addition, self-service chatbots are increasingly relevant for a positive customer experience. The feature allows you to solve basic issues like a human would do and without the need to contact any attendants.

The difference is that the system can handle simultaneous calls and, over the time of usage, it becomes more and more assertive through machine learning technology.

4. Digital Agent

The digital agent is the self-service technology applied to the telephone. With this feature, the consumer can solve basic demands without having to wait for the human attendants to be available.

The system can also be used to direct the user at the beginning of the interaction once it is possible to identify his demands. This way, for example, instead of being attended by a general agent, the customer is referred directly to the technical department.

5. Omnichannel

It is the technology that aims to integrate the several different service channels available in a call center. This makes easier to access customer relationship history and increases contact efficiency.

In addition, omnichannel ensures a more satisfying customer experience by allowing a fluid service.

As you may see, call center companies can rely on different technologies to improve cost management in the industry. In addition, using self-service tools and solutions will positively impact customer experience.


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