The OlosChannel makes the difference for operators and companies in the telecommunications sector.

You must be ahead of the competition, revolutionizing the customer experience and obtaining the best results for your company.

The OlosChannel is a technology that helps your business to offer the best possible customer service and also reduce costs.

Imagine a reality in which customer service is done through the communication channels preferred by consumers. With our platform, this is possible.


Take a look on what services can be optimized
with technology:

Customer service (inbound and outbound)
Carrying out campaigns and promotions
Product demonstration
Sale of telephone plans, internet, among others
After-sales services, such as support, problem solving and demands
Collections due to arrears or lack of payments
And much more!
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How does OlosChannel

help telecommunication


To improve customer service at your telecommunications company and ensure consumer satisfaction, invest in OlosChannel.

Our software brings together voice solutions (dialer and DAC), active IVR, inbound service, digital agent, SMS Bot, Chatbot (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, E-mail, etc.), and other communication channels in one single platform.

Using data intelligence, our solution identifies the best channel to connect with your customer.

The advantages continue. You still have the option of using Olos Web Interactive (OWI), an exclusive digital agent of Olos.

The visual, sound and interactive self-service platform is capable of demonstrating products, collecting data, negotiating and much more!

Be present and integrate all customer relationship channels
Alter communication channels without harming interaction
Map the customer journey and don't lose your history
Identify the client's preferred means of contact
Automate customer service with digital agents
Monitor all customer contacts

Why invest

in an omnichannel


Clients expect agility, efficiency and personalization
in the customer care service, in addition to a quick
resolution of demands.


Attributed a good experience to a quick problem resolution process.


Expect to have real-time service regardless of the channel.


Stopped buying from a company after a bad experience.


Say that explaining their problems several times turns out to be a bad experience.

Eliminate gaps
in customer service

Promote a differentiated experience with OlosChannel. Take advantage of all the benefits of the Omnicanal platform!

Improved service quality
Approach through the customer's preferred channel
Assertiveness and personalization of communication
Increased customer satisfaction with the company
Increased team productivity
Flow monitoring and service metrics

More tools

from OlosChannel
optimize your company

Olos Inbound:

Olos’ inbound service allows us to identify the customer’s request and provide automated options or a human service to resolve the issue.

Call dialers:

Dialers improve operator productivity, increase the number of effective contacts, and monitor performance.


It works to interpret your mailing of contacts, distributing them to the most appropriate communication channels based on data analysis.

Silence Analysis:

It helps detect fraud in the operation, identifying when the client ends the call and the operator ends the call.

Digital agent:

It uses voice recognition for inbound and outbound attention, which promotes interactions from the beginning to the end of the contact, without the need for a human agent.

Is your company ready
the Omnichannel?

Increasingly, it is necessary to adopt a strategy focused on the customer experience in telecommunications companies, in order to optimize customer service, sales and collections.

The integration of communication channels facilitates interaction with consumers and improves the relationship with customers.

Regardless of the channel chosen, the client will have a faster and more efficient customer service, avoiding frustration or irritation.

By providing an Omnichannel experience, your company meets the expectations of customers for a smooth and personalized journey.

Adopt the OlosChannel and get all these results in your operation!

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business