With the OlosChannel, companies in the service sector can offer the best experience for their clients.

In the service sector, it is useless if you only offer a quality product or service.

A differentiated and innovative customer experience is what will make your brand stand out from the competition and guarantee more sales.

But how do you provide a better customer service experience in transportation and education companies? OlosChannel is the ideal solution!


The Omnichannel platform has all the resources to optimize the relationship with the client in all the services it provides, such as:

Explanations before contracting the services
Customer service for registration and purchase of airline tickets;
Support for disclosure of notes, boarding documents and check-in
Solution of frequent doubts about the start of classes, disciplines studied, baggage dispatch, among others.
Cancellations of courses and / or tickets and re-enrollments
Issuance of promissory notes and invoices
Collection of arrears
And much more!
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How can OlosChannel
help your company?

Olos omnichannel solution brings everything you need to offer incredible customer service to your clients and students.

The platform brings together voice solutions (dialer and DAC), active IVR, inbound service, DigitalSMS bot agent, Chatbot (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, E-mail, etc.), and other communication channels in one single platform.

And there are more features! OlosChannel has:

Seamless integration of channels
Mapping the customer purchase route
Data intelligence
Personalization of the relationship with the client / student
Monitoring of customer service metrics
Automation of customer service processes
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Ensure the benefits from
the Omnichannel platform

Different service companies suffer with similar problems, such as lack of process mapping, non-integrated service channels, absence of request history, difficulties in executing recurring procedures, among others.

Therefore, OlosChannel cannot be outside of your customer relationship strategy. The Omnicanal platform provides various benefits:

Have a wide variety of integrated channels for your customer service
Have a wide variety of integrated channels
Contact consumers and students through their preferred channels
Map the interaction history to know exactly what the customer needs
It guarantees more agility, efficiency and more resolution of demands during the service
Take a more assertive and personalized approach

Automate customer service

with the digital agent

Different from what happens in other companies in the market, Olos has an exclusive digital agent solution to provide an even more agile and automated customer service.

The Olos Web Interactive (OWI) is a visual, audio and interactive self-service platform that performs a series of functions, such as collection, sales, customer service, demos, data collection, negotiations and much more.

Everything from the beginning to the end of the process, without the need for human intervention.

With the OWI, you can answer frequent questions from students or passengers, or issue promissory notes and collection invoices and make collections and payments automatically.

It is much faster, practical and productive for your operation!

Integrated into OlosChannel, our exclusive technology generates even more advantages for the relationship with your customers.

Is your company ready for the Omnichannel?

Implement technology in the customer service of your educational institution or transport company with OlosChannel.

Improves the experience of clients, students and passengers
Make contacts and approaches more efficient
Automate the processes in the service of attention
Reduce costs in operation

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business