Meet the most innovative, intelligent, and easy-to-use self-service platform on the market

Streamlining customer service is critical. No customer wants to wait for someone on the other end of a phone line or computer screen for not even a few minutes. That’s why we are working to make the technologies that enable the automation of virtual assistants better, more efficient, and more secure. One of these, focused on self-service, is unique to Olos and promotes innovative customer interaction. There is nothing like it on the market.

Imagine a hypothetical, but very common situation in which a customer delays a payment. So, he or she goes to the website of his or her financial institution and is greeted by an assistant, a human animation that can speak and write while interacting with the customer. Our friend greets the customer, smiles, and presents some options. What the customer sees on the screen is like this, interactive, intelligent, and cool:

Ok, for security, insert the first three numbers of your identity.

The conversation goes on and the customer responds in an intuitive and simple way. Let’s say that in this customer’s case there is a possibility to renegotiate the pending bills. Automatically, the new values and the new payment date are calculated, in a step-by-step screen, like these:

Can you pay until tomorrow with a discount? Pending amount R$343.35 70% discount Instant payment R$102.98
Yes No
I can extend the payment a little more. Select a date.

OWI – Olos Web Interactive

You have seen above a small demonstration of what our OWI – Olos Web Interactive platform can do for your company’s self-service. 

It looks like an app, but it doesn’t need to be downloaded, it works on most Internet browsers and can be activated via SMS, email, notifications, or any other link.

Our OWI platform connects with multiple communication channels and can be fully customized, staying exactly as your company needs, conveying a unique experience.

Used for:

  • Product demonstrations.
  • Online payments.
  • Complex data collection
  • Registration updates.
  • Sending documentation.
  • Sending SMS, e-mail, screenshots, etc.
  • Appointment scheduling

The OWI self-service platform stores information on all interactions. It provides statistical reports and makes it possible to measure the time the user spent on each scene or the service as a whole, their choices, interactions, and many other KPIs. Tabulations also make it possible to launch marketing and sales campaigns. It is also very secure, with levels of authentication and authorization. There are many resources.

Omnichannel communication

OWI can also be part of the OlosChannel multichannel platform, which brings together different customer service tools such as Voice, Digital Agents, SMS bot, Chatbot (Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, etc), and Email. All integrated into a single platform, which allows the use of the most efficient channels for each scenario, in addition to identifying the preferred channel of customers, reducing complaints about unnecessary calls.


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