OlosChannel is essential to build customer loyalty and improve results in companies in the retail sector.

To increase the loyalty of consumers, it is necessary to guarantee an agile and quality attention service, personalized experience, knowledge of the purchase journey and assertiveness in communication.

OlosChnnel has all the resources and tools to optimize the customer relationship, provide greater satisfaction and consequently generate more sales.


See how to use the Omnichannel platform in the retail sector:

Customer service
Understanding the consumer profile
After sales
Frequent doubts
Loyalty programs
Making exchanges and returns
And much more!
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Why invest in the Omnichannel strategy in retail sector?

Time and quality of customer service in the retail sector are essential for successful sales and positive brand recognition.

On top of that, the current consumer looks for an integrated service, in which he searches for a product on his computer, pays for the smartphone, searches for it in the store and takes doubts about its operation over the phone.

Investing in technologies that offer an agile, integrated and personalized service, can put your business on another level.

With the Olos software, you enter or receive contacts from your clients through the communication channels preferred by them.

The OlosChannel platform brings together voice solutions (dialer and DAC), inbound service, digital agent, SMS bot, Chatbot (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, E-mail, etc.), and other communication channels in one single platform.

How does OlosChannel
help retail sector

OlosChannel is a complete Omnichannel solution, with purchase path mapping, data intelligence, automation and integration to provide the best customer experience.

Customized approaches:

Using data intelligence, operators and agents can contact each other on the channel they prefer and make personalized promotions, for example.

Customer behavior:

With the client’s history in hand, the platform helps companies to understand the profile of each consumer and meet their expectations.

Service centralization:

The platform brings together and integrates the various means of contact to optimize customer service and improve the productivity of your team.

Route Mapping:

Companies can identify each stage of the purchase journey and can make more relevant contacts, with greater chances of success.

Metric monitoring:

It is possible to accompany indicators, such as the average service time and the rate of demand resolution in the retail market.

Benefits of the Omnichannel platform for the retail market

Studies indicate that the majority of consumers today use more than one channel to make their purchases.

The expectation of the clients is that they can contact and resolve their demands through WhatsApp, Facebook, e-mail, chat or telephone, depending on what they want at the moment.

How to provide this diversity of customer service channels in an integrated way and provide a pleasant experience in all of them? Count on the OlosChannel!

The Omnichannel platform guarantees:

Fast, agile and efficient service
Unique, fluid and integrated experience
Concern with customer journey
Customized approaches and experience
Data analysis to identify preferences
Consumer satisfaction
Retention and loyalty
More sales!

Main features
for customer service in the retail market

Olos Web Interactive
(Olos exclusivities)

With a visual, audible and interactive self-service, our platform connects with different communication channels and can be completely customized.

Active IVR

Shoot recorded voice calls and increase your sales at seasonal events, such as Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

Silence Analysis

Silence detection is used to detect fraud in the operation. This functionality allows it to be identified when the client ends the call and there is disconnection. With this, it is possible to know if the operator is silently “resting”.

Integrated softphone

The Olos Softphone is an IP platform that enables monitoring, training, conferencing, automatic unlocking of the “mute” function, display of the client’s name, volume gain control and much more!

Olos Inbound

The Olos Inbound service allows us to identify the customer’s request and provide automated options or the attention of a human operator to solve the issue.

Count on digital agents
for your retail business

According to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report survey, 98% of consumers already expect to be served through automatic channels.

OlosChannel has an integrated digital agent, which allows customer service to be automated through different channels and to resolve various demands without the need for a human operator.

This solution streamlines the service of attention, reduces the time of resolution of demands and helps to decongest the channels that receive a very intense flow of requests.

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business