About us

Olos Technology and Systems was born in 2010 with the vision of creating and developing differentiated solutions to transform the customer experience, based on the knowledge acquired in telesales operations, collections and customer service over several years.

All with the idea of bringing a new solution for the unmet needs in the market.

Our solutions are the pillars of our greater objective:

Make Olos a company that, through our products, solutions and services, collaborates with the success of your business.

To achieve this goal, we adopt a virtue: good faith.

Good faith governs relationships with our clients, associates and collaborators. We believe that this virtue is the guarantee to act with our clients always in the best spirit of cooperation.

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Our main

We act to raise the quality of your service company and optimize the relationship with its customers:


is the fuel

of our company

Innovation is our motivating factor to develop the best solutions to help our clients obtain competitive differentials.


We study the necessary functions for the contact center environment starting from the vision of the business manager and not from the addicted visions of the world of technology. For Olos, technology is the means – and not the end – to improve the performance, quality and results of our clients.

Continuous improvement

We are focused on offering an odd result solution. Therefore, our technology and ideas are transformed into the construction and improvement of dialing algorithms, platform management and control over the performance of operators.

We are more than the sum
of excellent software,
optimal service and talented team.

Our mission

Fully meet the needs of our customers and contribute to the prosperity of the market and our customers.

Our vision

Think outside the box, put ideas into action and innovate to always bring the best solutions for our clients.

Our values

Ethics, respect and transparency in all relationships and interactions.

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our operation

We have been in business for 10 years
From 4 to 230 employees
90% of the team with technical and business positions
Central office in São Paulo with 4,800m²
Average growth of 45% per year

In less than one year operating abroad, Olos already has clients in different countries in South America, Central America and in Portugal.

Dominican Republic

Our innovative


Olos Operational Digital Agents

Experts in operations through digital agents

Olos Development

Multitasking and convergence-oriented team

Olos Customer Experience

Configuration / Monitoring / Training

Olos Excel Team

Experts in technical and business consulting, who personally help clients

Olos Digital Lab

Experts in usability, customer experience and interface issues

Olos Conversation Design

Conversation interfaces defined by expert professionals. World “text and voice”.

Meet Paulo Godoy,
Olos’ president

President of Olos,
Paulo Godoy initially had the ability to build and motivate a team of excellence to create a system that has been revolutionizing the customer experience and the contact center market.

The success obtained by Olos is also explained by the way in which all employees, without exception, are dedicated to the company and its customers.. His best manager card is defined by himself:

“To be a leader is to serve and not to be served. It is seeking to always keep the group united, harmonious, collaborative and well-oriented to achieve the company’s objectives and create an environment conducive for each of the collaborators to develop their best, which will undoubtedly be added to the prosperity of the company. and for the good of all who depend on it.

Being president of Olos forces me to always seek my best to try to correspond to the greatness of this company. And, without a doubt, I am very well supported and advised by excellent and competent managers. ”

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Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business