Step by step: Using a call center dialer

To get a call center dialer is a very useful strategy for achieving good business results. After all, technology has a number of benefits, such as cost reduction, efficient management, improved customer service, among others. However, managers should also pay attention to the choice and process of resource implementation.

This is because the problems in the implementation of the call center dialer cause a number of difficulties for the later operation of the solution. This prevents full use of functionality and achievement of expected results.


Keeping an eye on the importance and challenges related to implementing call center dialer, we have taken a step by step to help managers. Check it out below!

1. Definition of call center dialer

Initially, managers should know the types of call center dialers that exist and which one best meets the demands of the business. Options include:

  • Predictive dialer: Provides the time required for the attendant to end the current call and initiate the next, forwarding the call to the operator. This avoids downtime between calls;
  • Autodialer: Identifies free agents and then triggers multiple calls simultaneously, achieving effective contact in less time;
  • Dialer preview: Displays contact information for the agent to decide whether or not to approach.

With the solutions available, managers can define the most effective strategy according to their business model and customer characteristics.

2. Customer Data Integration

After defining the call center dialer type, you must enter mailing and customer information on the platform. Importing this data is essential for more effective and personalized service.

Thus, it is important to invest in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This system allows you to collect more complete information to monitor the consumer’s history, identify his preferences and thus improve customer relationship.

Therefore, when hiring the call center dialer, managers should analyze their ability to integrate with other systems. Including, with the objective of realizing an omnichannel communication.

3. Team Training

For best results with the implementation of a call center dialer, it is essential that agents know how to use the feature.

Therefore, operators must be previously trained to master the tool. This will allow more complete use of the available features.

4. Choice of operating parameters

Standardization is an important aspect in the call center. Therefore, some issues should be defined beforehand, such as average call time, prioritization of contacts, approach to customers, among others.

From this, you can ensure contact efficiency and reduce the chances of strategic errors.

5. Monitoring of Metrics

To map dialer to call center results in operation, it is essential to set the appropriate performance indicators. These metrics will determine if the approaches and contacts are being well executed. Some examples of indicators are:

  • Average length of service (TMA);
  • Conversion rate;
  • Effective contact;
  • Abandonment index;
  • First contact resolution index.

An intelligent and integrated dialer already collects this answering data. It then issues reports with valuable information to help decision makers in the industry.

How to adopt call center dialer

For successful call center dialer implementation, it is critical to have an experienced partner who develops complete and integrated solutions.

OlosChannel, for example, is an omnichannel platform with technologies and features to optimize customer service and deliver better results for your business.

No matter what the need for communication in your business, the system helps promote an innovative branded customer experience. The solution solves demands from the fulfillment, billing and sales sectors. All in one software!

That way, the call center can count on everything from an omnichannel platform to a unique digital agent solution. Learn about other OlosChannel advantages:

  • Integrates multiple communication channels such as email, phone, WhatsApp, Skype, chat, Facebook and more;
  • It features advanced data intelligence technology that collects and interprets customer information. Thus, it finds the best communication channels and makes contacts more assertive;
  • It can be customized according to business needs, allowing a better use of the software.

Learn more about Olos call center dialer and contact us!

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