Service quality: how to have customers promoting your brand?

One of the main challenges of the companies, at the moment, is to build not only a solid brand, but that transforms clients into promoters. But how is that possible? This goal is only achieved when service quality is at the center of the customer relationship strategy.

This is because the quality of the service impacts the customer experience. Consequently, it is responsible for improving consumer satisfaction and increasing the chances of retention.

That way, the customer service sector helps conquer brand advocates to promote it among friends and acquaintances.

Next, get more information on how to create promoter clients and what is the importance of that strategy for long-term business success.

How does service quality impact loyalty?

Before the company worries about creating promoter clients, it is necessary to think about an earlier stage: loyalty to consumers.

Without investing in retention, it will not be possible to consolidate brand advocates. In this context, quality in customer service is a central aspect for the customer to return and make frequent purchases.

After all, the quality of products and services is important. However, the service is even more decisive in consumer satisfaction.

Therefore, by investing in strategies for the sector, the company increases the chances of consolidating a loyal audience and making it fall in love with the brand.

How to transform customers into brand promoters?

According to the Qualibest survey, friends and relatives are the main influencers in the consumer purchase decision.

Then, the brand promoters contribute a lot to conquer new customers. In the end, people close to them know and acquire products and services.

Therefore, it is essential to increase consumer satisfaction to make them business advocates. To help you, we present three aspects that you should insist on:

1. High quality of service

The quality of customer service is a determining aspect to meet the basic demands of the client: information and help.

Agents have the function not only to transmit the correct information at the right time, but also to return all the most satisfactory interaction.

To promote a brand, the customer needs to realize that good service has not only been luck and that it consists of a consolidated brand policy.

2. Overdelivering

Do you expect the customer to buy repeatedly and talk to others about their good experience? To do this, you must deliver more than the basic.

Although the quality of service is essential, it is necessary to overdelivering. This means exceeding consumer expectations, delivering more than he initially expected.

3. Research and constant increases

Another important element to consider is that the company and the processes are constantly in transformation. Then, it is also important to know the news and expectations of consumers to promote frequent improvements and excellence in customer service.

For this, the company must conduct customer surveys, analyze the competition and verify new technologies, which facilitates when identifying trends and adopting them in a way that is seen as an innovative company.

How to use technology in the customer service sector

As mentioned, one of the ways to increase service quality and win client advocates is by using new technologies.

The OlosChannel is an Omnichannel platform developed with the aim of offering an agile and personalized service, optimizing the relationship and providing an innovative experience to customers.

The solution includes the Omnichannel system to integrate and gather communication channels, facilitating contacts and returning the approaches of the most assertive agents. As well as it is possible to map the customer’s journey and identify the preferred channels of the consumer.

In addition, it has an exclusive technology: the Olos Web Interactive (OWI). It is a visual, sound and interactive platform, capable of executing collection, sales and customer service functions. For example: product demonstration, negotiations, data collection and other actions necessary to the business.

All this without the need for human intervention and with the realization of the activity from the beginning to the end of the process, which generates time gain for the client and cost reduction for the company.

OlosChannel also uses data intelligence to prevail over time. With this, technology becomes increasingly assertive and personalized to talk with customers of the brand.

Do you want to be an innovative company, improve service quality and create promoter clients? OlosChannel can help you! Contact our experts and request a demo visit.

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