Quality of Customer Care Service: Is the customer always right?

Considering the changes in buying behavior, with customers becoming more and more demanding, raising quality service should be a constant goal of any business. In this scenario, an important question to ask is whether the customer is always right. Overall, yes, the customer is always rights! Below, we highlight why we say this and how adopting this philosophy will impact your quality of customer care service.

Why is the customer always right?

Are there situations where customer complaints may be unjustified? Yes, however, the company must develop a communication strategy to mitigate this type of occurrence. Thus, attendants should always maintain education, empathy and try to help the customer solve the problem.

Here are three reasons why the customer should be always right!

  1. There is no business without customers

The first and most important reason for the customer being always right is that without them there is no business. Hence, it is essential to have a good customer service, offering the best experience as possible and minimizing complaints. Also, even sporadic complaints can be bad for the brand image and make it difficult to gain new consumers.

Keep in mind that with the high competition, you need more the customers to be happy with your business than you. The best thing to do is developing a beneficial relationship for both you and customer. But in order to do this, we need to meet these consumer demands with transparency.

  1. Risks of Bad Reputation

Bad reputation, especially in the digital age, is a huge risk for brands. Just as the famous word-of-mouth can help the brand, it can also hurt the brand immensely when a customer experiences a bad situation, which can make the consumer a detractor of your brand. Something that no businesses would like.

NewVoice research proves how the poor quality of a customer care service can spread. According to the study, 59% of consumers aged 25-34 share negative online service experiences. Once a complaint is posted or viralized, it is extremely difficult to reverse the damage to the brand image.

This Glance survey shows the difficulty of changing the scenario. According to the study, 12 positive experiences are needed to change the customer’s mind for an unresolved negative one. Therefore, ignoring the customer or dismissing his complaint can be expensive for the brand.

  1. Customer is who sets the standard of excellence

With the big competition, it is the customer who determines which brands he wants to relate to. Hence, the standard of quality in customer service will be set by themselves and not by the brand.

When dissatisfied, the customer tends to look for another company that meets his demands and which might have a better service.

Why is omnichannel important for a quality of customer care service?

According to Harvard Business Review, 56% of consumers need to explain the problem more than once when contacting a brand. And it can get worse if the customer contacts by more than one communication channel. Especially because many companies do not have integrated and unified communication.

Therefore, it is necessary to offer an effective omnichannel experience. This type of communication will avoid customer service issues that could negatively affect the customer experience, which may appear in a bad rating or a negative reputation.

In this way, it is important that the company has an omnichannel platform, such as OlosChannel, which is a customer engagement software that integrates all brand communication channels and provides a fluid experience.

OlosChannel also monitors service channels in order to identify customer preferences, letting the attendant to contact him through the most suitable channel. This increases service satisfaction and the chances of loyalty and retention.

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