Predictive dialer for call center: Is it worth having it?

Developed thinking about the call centers demand flow, the predictive dialer aims to optimize operator’s job. At the same time, the goal is to improve the efficiency of the sector as a whole.

This is possible because this system performs an analysis of the service metrics. This allows the dialer to determine when the current contact is ending and when to start dialing for a new customer.

For example, the system estimates that it is needed 20 seconds to finish a dial. Then it begins the process by identifying that it is remaining exactly this time to complete the ongoing call.

This way, when the call is finished, the operator starts a new call. Here are the advantages of this solution and when to adopt the predictive dialer in your call center!

What are the advantages of an automatic dialer?

In order to improve results in the short term, a predictive dialer has benefits for the call center. With the system, your operation becomes more efficient by automating processes, which increases the quality of customer care service.

Cost reduction

The technology enables increased call center efficiency by ensuring more assertive contacts and optimizing work time. As a result, the company has reduced costs with fewer telephony expenses by eliminating unnecessary contacts and improving employee performance.

The solution also allows the company to handle the campaigns, even with a small number of professionals. This happens because contacts become more satisfactory.

Mailing Optimization

The predictive dialer surveys statistical data, which can be used to optimize strategy and mailing itself.

When using previous contact information, the dialer deletes a series of phone numbers. For example, contacts where:

  • Nobody answers;
  • Line is always busy;
  • Do not disturb lists;
  • Those numbers with observations that the customer does not wish to be contacted;
  • Numbers that are not aligned with the audience profile.

Thus, the program’s own restructuring of mailing ensures more efficient lists. Which allows a better return to the call center.

Team Productivity

One of the key features of the predictive dialer is reducing team downtime. After all, the technology enables a new call attempt to be started even before the current one is completed.

This optimizes attendant time and reduces efforts with ancillary tasks such as dialing and waiting between calls.

Organizational Environment

As we have seen, the system understands the average answering time and uses this metric to initiate new calls. As a result, technology avoids unequal call distribution, which can be a complicating factor in the call center.

So, with the system, less friction between operators and management occurs. Consequently, there is an improvement in the organizational environment with professionals having better working conditions and the possibility to stand out.

When to adopt a predictive dialer in call center?

The predictive dialer needs to be adopted when call center team performance is not satisfactory. And if management judges that inefficiency is caused by idleness and time management issues, it’s time to implement the technology.

However, for the solution to be efficient, it is important to define a tool that meets the demands of the business. Olos has predictive dialer, automatic dialer and preview – technologies that help call center call management.

Also, additional tools like OlosChannel are key. The omnichannel platform helps map the customer journey and uses data intelligence to elect the preferred channel of communication, improving customer relationships and making interaction more relevant.

The union of the predictive dialer with OlosChannel provides efficiency, control and cost reduction in the call center. Interested? Visit our website and contact us!

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