Perfect your customer service by monitoring calls in real time

At present, call center segment is willing to address technology for customer service improvements. To achieve this double goal, there are many resources available. One of the main options is the monitoring of calls in real time.

With the solution, managers can perform call monitoring in real time, or at the time they are completed. That’s because the call is instantly available on the system, without the need to wait a certain time in order to see it.

This technology is very useful, as it assists the customer service process and provides a bigger certainty about the first purchases. Got interested? Following, there are the advantages of this solution so that you can better understand how to choose the best platform for you.


In order to keep track of the agents’ activities in an effective and near way, the real time call monitoring is among the most important technologies out there.

The solution has several benefits for customer service, so it is possible to increase customer experience and retain customer loyalty. Look at the 5 main advantages:

1. Improve the service

With the real time call monitoring, managers can monitor activities and provide better training for agents. Also, it is possible to correct language mistakes, tone of voice and approach.

In addition, managers can also help directly in the processes to get back to the problem quickly and effectively. As a result, the quality of the service gets better.

2. Instant Feedbacks

Real time call monitoring may make it possible for managers to provide instant feedback to professionals, which is very useful. After all, the punctual problems are forgotten when we use periodic feedbacks.

So, it is important to count on this resource that helps in overcoming this operational obstacle. As such, the advice and points commented by the managers provide an improvement for the next services.

3. Resolution of customer demands

It is common to hear service agents, especially those who are in training, having difficulty with the whole problem-solving processes. The monitoring technology helps a lot at these times.

In this way, if you track the calls, they can indicate the most proper way to solve your demands. It avoids doubts resolution of taking too long or the service of being ineffective in solving customers’ demands and problems.

4. Trainings directions

In addition to real time monitoring, manager can identify recurring and harmful problems with the customer experience. With this information in hand, it is possible to drive your staff’s training so that these limitations of customer service can be supplied.

Moreover, these professionals and trainees benefit from the resource. Also, because it can make call reports and follow-ups, what is used in order to improve their contacts’ performance.

5. Calls Evaluations

A very negative call evaluation from the customer may be reviewed by the manager as soon as it is concluded. Then, the agent can be notified and informed of the problems that have occurred in the contact.

With monitoring, call center managers can also go further. This is because, in addition to identifying the costs and demands that have not been met, the company can again contact the customer. Then, they can propose a satisfactory resolution in less time, improving the initial negative perception.


In order to implement call monitoring in real time, it is critical that managers evaluate the solutions available in the marketplace. Being very experienced in customer service of various sectors, OlosChannel is an example of technology that can be applied to your call center in order to improve your operation.

The Omnichannel platform provides all the necessary tools for the call center, such as:

– IVR;

– digital agent;

– Dialer;

– Real time Call monitoring, among other things.

In addition to these features, the tool has thorough and personalized reports that help understand consumer behavior regarding your brand. So that it might be possible to develop new strategies and adjust the ones that are underway with you being able to offer a great customer experience.

Get to know OlosChannel and all its benefits and features! Do you want to get further information? Contact us now and request a demo.

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