Learn how to offer a personalized attention service in the era of the super-customers

Nowadays, customers began more demanding about the corporations they relate with, worrying about the buying experience and the quality of the products. At this scenario, the personalized service has become essential in order to maintain the competitiveness.

Following, we feature the super-customers’ role in the sales strategies and how to provide a personalized service.

How is the new buying behavior?

The customization in the relationship with the customer is a reality and a trend due to the new buying behaviors. According to a research from Verndale Solving for CX Survey,92% of the marketing professionals believe the customization is essential for the customer’s experience.

Therefore, the personalization at the different stages of the buying journey is what makes feasible a closer and more loyal relationship, once it shows how the customer matters to the brand.

For increasing the sales, it’s necessary to involve the customer, offering relevant information, contributing to the discover of the solution and adding value for him.

How to offer a personalized service?

Several strategies can be developed by the corporations aiming to increase the customization in their customers’ attention service. See the main ones below!

Knowing the customer’s journey

At first, it’s essential that the corporation makes the journey’s mapping, when it’s possible to understand what are the customers’ demands in each phase of their relationship with the brand.

This stage also includes knowing the customer’s profile, with demographic data, but also understanding his goals, fears, expectations, etc.

The customer’s journey provides us relevant information about the customer, like what he expects from our approaching and how to perform it, making it more suitable and interesting to the customer.

Investing in Data

Nowadays, the tools and relationship strategies make feasible to deeply know the customers’ data, what makes easier to better know who they are and what they expect.

Measuring all the stages of the buying journey is a differential which allows us to identify how we can customize the service, once it gives us relevant information about the customer’s behavior.

The data must be used to offer a customized service, once the buying process’ particularities can be identified.

Being Omnichannel

The customers’ demands make necessary that the brands know more which are the preferred channels from each customer, what increases the assertiveness of the approaches.

The omnichannel communication gives the customer several channels for him to use the ones that more attend to his needs. Besides this, the experience is more fluid, assuring efficiency and quality for the contact.

To joint these three demands about the personalized service, it’s important to employ a multichannel platform, like Olos Channel, which allows the customer’s journey monitoring and provides several channels of service, which can be used according to each customer’s preferences.

The customer’s history is used to identify his preferences, assuring the customized service to be performed in the customer’s most familiar channel, increasing the chances of a successful contact.

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