How to increase the productivity of your customer service area?

Customer service is a central aspect for your company to remain relevant and consolidate its operations. After all, by delighting and retaining the consumer, you earn their recurrence, so to say, they will purchase your products and services once more.

So, given the customer service importance, managers must develop strategies to increase their team’s productivity. That enables corporations to reduce their operating costs, improve their efficiency and ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

Therefore, knowing and implementing strategies to make the department to be more productive is fundamental in business management.

6 potential solutions to help you achieve these goals

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One area that does not always receive proper attention is that of internal communication. Therefore, investing in the efficiency and strengthening of this aspect makes it possible to improve information flows, which is reflected in a higher quality in the processes and new projects development.

It is important, then, to keep the communication channels up to date. This leverages team engagement, better integration and strengthening of the organizational culture.


There is no point in wanting to improve customer service productivity without measuring what has been done in the area. Thus, the manager must define which performance indicators will be monitored and what this monitoring intends to show.

From this, it will be possible to identify team weaknesses and develop specific solutions to solve them.


Metrics help identify what can be improved. With this parameter, it is possible to insert new technologies in the service processes and perform the teams’ improvement.

Training should range from making the best use of available tools to basic customer attention service qualities (sympathy, diction, empathy, etc.) and mastery over processes.


Companies that perform customer service must adopt a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It is a software for customer relationship. It stores all interaction history, providing a detailed profile of customers.

In this way, the company can identify recurring problems, improving the operation. In addition, you can also take more personalized and assertive approaches considering the customer’s profile.


Knowing the customer journey of purchase is an important strategy for improving customer service team’s productivity. This is because the solution allows you to identify what moment is the consumer in. Thus, it is easy to determine which phase is most appropriate for a business approach.

As a result, the company increases contact efficiency by adding to current mailing only customers able to close deals. It also reduces the time lost to service with unmatured customers.


Productivity in the customer service area is not only dependent on the attendants. But the use of new technologies is also critical to broaden the ways of relating to the consumer. When talking about this, the self-service channels stand out.

Solutions such as chatbots, IVRs and digital agents allow customers to solve recurring questions and do some processes independently, automatically and without the need of an attendant.

This enhances the customer experience by making demand resolution more practical, responsive and affordable, while reducing operating costs for the business.

It is important that self-service is available on different channels such as phone, social networking, website, and more. In this scenario, it is important to have innovative and integrated solutions for your business.

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