How to get more results with a self-service customer attention?

Consumer behavior has changed with technological innovations, the ease of communicating and the access to various types of information. With all these new things, brands must adapt themselves in order to provide an experience which is more satisfying and aligned with customer expectations.

Thus, self-service has become an essential resource to ensure the success of the relationship with the consumer.

By having the self-service option, your customer can solve many demands without having to contact a human agent. The solution meets the 24×7 service trend. That’s because customer issues do not just happen from Monday to Friday. They want service readiness and quality in the same way anytime.

According to a report by American author Jay Baer, ​​57% of consumers expect the response time of a contact to be the same. Whether during business hours, at night or on weekends.

Thinking about this new scenario and consumer expectations, we have listed four advantages of self-service. Also, check out which tools can be implemented to achieve self-service results.

What are the advantages of self-assistance?

One of the first benefits of automated service is the company’s ability to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, this is not the only advantage associated with this solution. Learn more about the main reasons why your company should make this investment.


This is an important aspect for a small or medium-sized company aiming at a broader market positioning. Among all the issues that should be considered for this expansion, there is the attention service.

Human agents are more costly and has less capacity. The automation, instead, allows simultaneous contacts and agility in solving problems without quality loss.

Customer Knowledge

Many relevant customer information goes unnoticed when human service is performed. The human agents may forget to save the data, for example. This would make it impossible for your company to learn more about the consumer.

With automation, in turn, all contacts are stored and analyzed in the software database. Thus, it becomes possible to raise the company’s know-how for future services.

Customer Experience

One of the most relevant aspects of self-service is to provide a better customer experience. A Glance survey indicated that it takes 12 positive experiences to compensate a negative one.

In this way, providing a good service is essential to retain customers and make them loyal.

Reduction of costs

According to NewVoice, email and online chat service cost approximately 40% of the cost of a call. Thus, investing in channel diversity and self-service allows reducing operating costs. All of this not affecting the quality and performance of the area.

What tools should I use to make self-service possible?

With so many benefits of self-service, it’s important now that you know what tools allow you to achieve those results. See the main ones below:

  • ARU: The Audible Response Unit allows automating telephone calls, with options for the customer to select the demand and be forwarded to the agent who will solve his demand. In addition, some problems can be automatically addressed. For example: copy of payment tickets, installment requests and others;
  • chatbot: in this option, a chat that associates artificial intelligence and machine learning performs the customer service using information from the database. As a differential, this technology can be improved to become more complete, human and efficient;
  • digital agent: the digital agent allows you to automate the care in various channels such as SMS, mobile apps, chat and website, using mental maps, semantic dictionaries and data intelligence for a more natural and qualified contact.

Olos offers solutions that include the three required items to implement self-service and improve customer relationships. OlosChannel, for example, is a software that automates the service process and makes it quicker and more efficient.

One of the solution’s features is Olos Web Interactive (OWI). It is a visual, sonorous and interactive self-service platform, developed exclusively by Olos. Its purpose and goal is to automate 100% of the communication between customer and company.

The system is capable of performing billing, sales and SAC functions, demonstrating products, collecting data and even negotiating. With this, your company guarantees a more complete software to achieve the expected results. Are you interested? Find out more on our website and contact us right now!

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