How the predictive dialer optimizes the retail service?

The retail sector is one of the most in need of improving the customer service quality and reducing its size. This is the basis for customer loyalty, optimizing the operation, increasing competitiveness and improving results. But how to achieve these goals? The predictive dialer is an optimal solution.

This resource allows automating the dialing process and reducing the idle time of service agents, which is essential to optimize customer service metrics and performance indicators.

Learn more about how the predictive dialer works and what are the benefits for the retail sector.

How does the predictive dialer work?

In general, the predictive dialer identifies free agents and redirects calls according to the agent’s availability.

To carry out this process, the software analyzes the department metrics, emphasizing on:

With that data, it is possible to predict when the agent will be available. Thus, the system starts dialing with enough time for the conclusion of the current service. In this way, once the agent is free, a new call will be directed to him.

It is important to note that only successful contacts are transferred to agents. About the unanswered calls, busy or non-existent ones are not routed, which extends to the valid contacts.

However, for the proper functioning of the solution, it is necessary to perform the standardization of the service, so that the average service time does not vary too much. That prevents the system from dialing the call and there are no free professionals in the planned time.

What are the advantages of the predictive dialer to the retail sector?

In the retail segment, the optimization of service time is a determining aspect for the company to achieve a successful contact with the customer and reduce operational costs of the Customer Service Center.

By automating the call and redirection process, the predictive dialer meets these requirements. After all, agents spend more time in contact with the client and less with repetitive tasks, such as dialing and waiting.

Then, cost reduction is a natural consequence, due to increased productivity and time optimization. That is, fewer professionals manage to meet the demands of the company.

In addition to it, the system offers advantages for the managers of the customer service sector of the retail company, since the predictive dialer maps and analyzes the performance of the agents to direct the calls.

Then, if there is a drastic change in the average service time or success rate, managers can evaluate the reasons for it.

In this scenario, with smart calls, more dynamic agents and increased customer satisfaction, the trend is to have growing sales.

How to implement the predictive dialer?

In order to automate actions, generate productivity gains and increase results, you must have an integrated system that contains the predictive dialer.

OlosChannel is a modern technology that guarantees the proper functioning of the predictive dialer. The platform has all the features that your customer service sector needs, such as IVR, digital recording, automatic bookmarks, monitoring, digital agent and much more.

Complete and fully integrated with various communication channels, the system optimizes the operation and improves the customer experience. OlosChannel allows you to map the consumer’s path to purchase and identifies the customers’ preferred channels for a more assertive approach.

The retail sector has great growth potential with the implementation of modern and efficient technologies for customer relationship management.

Learn more about OlosChannel and how the solution can help your business! Contact us now and request a demo.

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