How increase your results by using self-service tools?

Chatbots are software that uses artificial intelligence to enable fast and efficient self-service for consumers. This makes it possible to improve communication and relationship between brands and customers.

According to Gartner’s study, by 2022, automated answering mechanisms, such as chatbots, will represent 72% of interactions with consumers.

This growing trend is mainly driven by the benefits of self-service. For both businesses and consumers. Learn more below!


Chatbots directly impact customer relationship strategy, streamlining contact and service. Not to mention that it also provides better business results.

Take a look at the main advantages:

Service Optimization

The customer does not have to wait in queue for the availability of an attendant. Which optimizes customer service. In addition, you can answer questions and perform processes, such as a duplicate request, without interacting with a person.

As a result, demands are resolved quickly and the customer wastes less time with bureaucratic processes.

Cost reduction

With the possibility of customers solving various demands alone, the company achieves a cost reduction in the service area. Both related to the reduction of staff, as well as requiring smaller infrastructure and less equipment.


In self-service channels, the customer can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is without compromising the experience of interactions, whether on weekends or outside business hours.

Customer Autonomy

Autonomy is another advantage of chatbot. Independence enhances the customer experience with the brand, strengthens the relationship and aids loyalty.

Therefore, these benefits make self-service potential to increase brand outcomes. Which will generate greater revenues for companies.


Even when people know about its benefits, some managers have questions about applying self-service in practice. For example, which operation processes is the resource indicated for? In fact, chatbot and other solutions are recommended for all actions that may include answering intelligence.

Have a look at some possibilities:

Customer service: Using the customer service feature can help solve many customer demands. For example: invoice exchange, additional service contract, duplicate, service cancellation, technical visit request, among others;

Scheduling and Reservations: In segments such as health and tourism, self-service avoids duplication of schedules and reservations. In addition, it gives the customer autonomy to choose the best options according to their interest;

Satisfaction surveys: Another common use is satisfaction surveys. With this, it is possible to evaluate service, product or relationship with the brand, for example.

Remember that using chatbots on websites, social networks or messaging applications is not the only self-service option.

It is also possible to adopt this strategy for telephone service through digital agents. The solution can fulfill tasks such as data collection, negotiations, product demonstrations, among others.


For good self-service results, it is important to implement a more complete technology that is able to meet the demands of the business in a personalized way.

Olos Technology and Systems provides chatbots, IVRs and digital agents. In addition, the company has the exclusive Olos Web Interactive (OWI) solution.

It is a visual, sound and interactive platform capable of performing billing, sales and customer service functions such as product demonstration, negotiations, data collection and everything your business needs. All interactions are performed from start to finish without the need for interference from a human operator.

The technology also uses data intelligence to improve over time, making contact with users more assertive.

Want to adopt more efficient self-service channels in your business? Get to know Olos Web Interactive and contact our consultants now!

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