How does technology optimize the inbound service of your company?

When the customer calls a company, it must be received with a quality, personalized and humanized responsive service. This procedure does not depend on the goal of the contact, whether it is by renegotiation, to raise doubts, make purchases, among other things.

In this way, technology has been contributing immensely for an improvement in receptive service. However, many services have difficult limitations that are overcome and that harm the consumer experience.

Following, learn more about the differences between traditional inbound customer service and the ones made by innovative resources.

How does traditional inbound service work?

In order to make the inbound service of companies easier by using automation, the IVR technology (Interactive Voice Response) has been developed. Although it is beneficial when compared to previous models, many of the solutions have their limitations.

In general, IVR works through service menus. Probably, you have already contacted a company that provided a series of options and, after selecting the desired option, you have been forwarded to another menu.

This process causes prejudices to the customer experience. Due to the excess of menus, many customers choose to speak with a service agent. However, redirection takes too long and requires a long wait time.

And when the agent finally answers, another problem happens. He does not know the customer’s details, his reason for the contact and everything that has been previously reported. In this way, the consumer needs to repeat his personal information and the purpose of the call.

Thus, although the contact meets the initial need of the client and resolves the demand, there are several problems, which impacts consumer satisfaction and damages the experience. The results are disastrous:

  • The client becomes irritated with the company;
  • Agent and client waste time;
  • High cost for operation;
  • High average service time.

This scenario requires an update of the technologies used, mainly with a focus on improving the customer experience.

How is the receptive service done with modern solutions?

To provide an unprecedented experience in receptive service, it is necessary to have innovative and modern technology.

The Receptive Olos, a receptive service function of the OlosChannel, allows to facilitate and automate this process. With this, it is possible to program specific and customized strategic actions according to the client’s profile.

In a step by step, customer service can be summarized as follows:

  • Upon contact, the client informs his ID to the digital agent, being able to speak or type;
  • The agent asks the client to inform the reason for the contact;
  • Using artificial intelligence, the system understands the request and asks if the client wishes to execute the action through the system or contact a human agent;
  • In the event that you choose to speak with an agent, the client is informed about the waiting time until the contact. In addition, a service by auxiliary channel, such as WhatsApp, is suggested;
  • In the event that you choose to continue on the line and talk to the agent, the professional who answers the call already knows who the customer is and what their demand is, speeding up the resolution.

Therefore, the innovative platform of Olos prizes for the automation, rapid contact and diversification of the channels to solve the issue.

Benefits of customer service with Olos Inbound

With Olos Inbound, your company meets customer demand, improves the consumer experience and increases the possibility of retention.

Another differential which, subsequently, the system performs a quality audit to verify the level of satisfaction with customer service.

Among the benefits achieved, it is worth noting:

  • Flexibility of channels for customer service;
  • Optimization in the work of the service agent;
  • Reduction of waiting time and customer service;
  • Reduction of operational costs;
  • Increase customer satisfaction.

Olos develops solutions with innovative technologies, making possible not only the automation of the service, but a more personalized, agile and intelligent customer support.

Learn more about OlosChannel here and see what this exclusive technology can do for your company’s receptive service.

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