How does an omnichannel platform improve the quality of service?

The quality of service is directly influenced by the company’s ability to provide an omnichannel experience. In this way, investing in new technologies is a fundamental part of this strategy.

The omnichannel consists of a multichannel experience, but also that it values ​​fluency, assertiveness and personalization in the service, so that the client can migrate between channels without losing the quality of the contact. These areas are deeply related and any company determined to improve the quality of care must pay attention to these factors.

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What Is The Relationship Between Omnichannel And Quality of Service?

Consumers now have access to a wide variety of channels such as telephone, website, social media, SMS, message applications, Skype, WhatsApp, email and others. This variety allows each client to choose a medium of greater affinity that made him feel more at ease.

Thus, when the company is able to identify the most preferred channel for the consumer and offers this contact option, a better quality of service is guaranteed by meeting customer demands in the approach strategy.

In this scenario of greater use of digital, a survey of NewVoice indicated that 43% of consumers expect brands to integrate between social channels and other customer service. That’s not to say that this channel exchange should be imposed by the company, behavior rejected by 57% of consumers, according to the Salesforce State of Service.

The omnichannel experience should ensure that the consumer has such a variety of channels available, can migrate between them, but that the process is fluid, intuitive and desired by him. In this way, it is also relevant that the adopted tools and the operators are prepared to migrate of channel with great naturalness.

According to a Microsoft survey, 19% of Brazilian consumers believe that transferring between agents is the biggest source of frustration during a service. With this, it is emphasized the importance of the technologies used to be correct and of the operators being trained for multichannel service, being able to carry out this migration with ease.

How Does OlosChannel Contribute To This Process?

OlosChannel, developed by Olos, is a software for customer engagement that allows integrating all communication channels of the brand, allowing a truly fluid experience, which impacts on customer retention and loyalty capacity and also on the quality of service offered.

This technology performs monitoring and storage of customer data regardless of which channel is used for contact. From this data intelligence is used to elect the most preferred media for each consumer.

In this way, the brand is able to better map the customer’s purchasing journey and ensure that it has more personalized experiences, thus enabling a more assertive commercial and relationship approach with greater chances of positive results.

In addition to this exclusive omnichannel experience, OlosChannel still has a number of call center functionalities such as URA, digital agent, auto dialer, real-time monitoring, silence analysis and others.

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