How can predictive dialer work for billing and sales?

The current market scenario demands efficiency, quality and innovation from collection and sales companies. This happens mainly in order to ensure both corporate demands and consumer expectations will be satisfied. Thus, features such as the predictive dialer become essential for a more competitive performance.

Predictive dialing is a system that can be implemented in call center companies for sales and billing. It enables you to have an improved customer service, an enhanced productivity and lower operating costs. Learn more about it below!


The solution uses an algorithm that considers several customer service variables to automate the dialing process. Thus, the sales and collections operation will be impacted with a number of benefits, such as:

• Increased effectiveness of calls;

• Increased customer care quality;

• More consultative work in the sales sector;

• Improved attendant productivity;

• Better customer experience.

But what variables does technology take into account to perform an automatic dialing? The process works simply: the system knows the best time to make a simultaneous number of calls, reducing operator downtime.


For doing this, the predictive dialer considers attendance indicators such as average call time and available agents. This identifies how much time is left before the ongoing call is completed and starts dialing the next one.

For example, if it takes 20 seconds to end the call and this is the average time until the customer answers, the system already starts dialing. Then, when the operator ends the current call, there will be already another one on the line.

This prediction is possible because of data intelligence, which monitors the entire progress of the operation. The attendant, however, has the autonomy to notify the system of a longer call, as he also can warn if is free before the average time.

This avoids the manual and time-consuming process of dialing. Also, the agent, not having to waste his time to make calls, can speed up demands.


Predictive dialing is a technology that adjusts call center operation to the nowadays changing market demands. The feature provides important advantages for the company as a whole. Check out the main ones below!

1. Cost savings

One of the most significant benefits of the predictive dialer is reduced call center operating costs. This happens due to the efficiency of the calls made. By considering several variables, the system makes a smarter distribution of calls and minimizes process mistakes.

2. Increased Productivity

Cost savings are also related to increased staff productivity. Especially because professionals have less downtime between calls, what ensures a greater service capacity in one day.

In addition, attendants can engage only in his job description rather than focusing on repetitive and unnecessary processes.

3. Monitoring the metrics

One of the challenges for managers in the billing and sales sectors is monitoring metrics. This allows to analyze the individual and collective employees’ performance.

The predictive dialer, on the other hand, automatically delivers relevant service data to managers. With this information, you can improve your business operation strategy and customer experience.


In the sales and collections sectors, the challenges are mainly related to the quality of customer service, the productivity of the attendants and the monitoring by the managers. All of these demands can be addressed with a predictive dialer and an integrated customer relationship software.

OlosChannel is a customer engagement software that provides complete customer journey reporting across different channels. It also uses data intelligence in order to predict the best service channel for contacting the customer.

The platform also has features such as IVR, predictive dialer, digital agent and others, all of them helping optimize your service, sales and billing departments. Take a look into how OlosChannel works! Got interested? Contact us now!

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