How can employee motivation enhance customer satisfaction?

Most companies investigate various ways to improve the customer experience. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction to optimize results. However, companies do not focus on a fundamental aspect in the relationship with the consumer: employee motivation.

After all, customer satisfaction is not only impacted by the quality of the product or service. But it is also influenced by the experience in all contacts with the company, which are mediated by the attendants.

Next, learn about the relationship between employee motivation and customer satisfaction and find out how to improve these aspects.

Impacts of employee motivation on customer satisfaction

Despite being a current and widely discussed topic, customer satisfaction has been debated for a few decades. In the classic 1994 article “Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work” published in Harvard Business Review, the subject was already covered.

According to the authors, employee satisfaction precedes customer satisfaction. But how does this relationship work? Understand!

Achieving goals such as increased sales and profitability require customer loyalty. This loyalty, in turn, is only achieved through customer satisfaction. This is a result of the perception of values ​​in interactions with employees / attendants.

Therefore, positive customer perception depends on employee satisfaction. In this scenario, a good work environment and structure, good HR practices and benefits can all contribute to employee motivation.

This makes employees more productive and do their jobs better. In this way, the attendants are able to solve the demands and offer experiences that exceed the expectations of the customers.

Therefore, if the company wants to leverage results, it is essential to put customer and employee satisfaction first.

How to increase employee satisfaction?

As mentioned, it is clear how important it is to adopt good employee practices to be able to retain and retain customers. Here are four important aspects to ensure employee motivation.

1. Organizational Culture

Initially, the company needs to invest in organizational culture. This is because this factor is decisive for the climate of the organization itself. In your company, professionals compete with each other and do not collaborate?

The source of this problem lies in building a culture that promotes competitiveness without developing group work practices. Therefore, practices, such as team training, collective goal bonuses, among others, improve the culture and, consequently, the results.

2. Clarity in processes

For the employee to deliver the promised result to the customer, the company must have clear procedures and provide the proper structure. Therefore, operational bottlenecks must be identified and corrected to increase staff productivity and improve the customer experience.

3. Good HR policies

HR is critical to employee retention when using practices such as career planning, benefits and profit sharing. This avoids the high employee turnover that makes acting misaligned and affects customer service.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to hiring policies to attract professionals more linked to the company’s values.

4. Efficient technological structure

Another aspect to improve employee motivation and impact customer satisfaction is the technology structure. This enables you to streamline service processes, increase employee productivity, and deliver a better customer experience.

In this sense, OlosChannel is a valuable solution for your company. This is because the omnichannel platform enables process automation and provides personalized customer service.

Through data intelligence, the system can monitor the consumer’s journey, generating important information for the team to make more assertive contacts. All of this increases the quality of service, helps with retention and loyalty. As a result, it improves business results.

In addition, the solution integrates with essential quality service features such as:

  • Digital agent;
  • IVR;
  • Automatic dialer;
  • Complete reports to monitor the performance of professionals.

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