Customer service quality: how to turn it into a competitive differential?

Companies are already more aware of the importance of customer service quality as a must to ensure a good customer relationship. After all, this is the basis for increasing the chances of consumer loyalty, a relevant aspect for profits and brand success.

With the new buying behaviors, many fulfillment strategies have changed. However, the goals remain the same: providing satisfaction, quality and efficiency. This way, the customer will always come back to your company, becoming a recurring customer.

Therefore, actions must be taken in order to increase the customer care quality and benefit from a secular practice: the famous word of mouth.

How to improve customer service quality?

Service-focused companies, such as call centers, are constantly looking for strategies, methodologies and processes to improve customer satisfaction and provide high-quality support. Still, the speed of technological change along with people’s demands makes this task more challenging.

Here are strategies for improving customer service quality.

  1. Offering channel diversity

Currently, customer experience is directly related to the channels available for service. Options include phone, email, SMS, apps, social networking, chatbots, and self-service.

That way, customer satisfaction depends on using your favorite channels to make demands or be addressed. The omnichannel experience then becomes an indispensable element in this scenario to differentiate itself from the competition and to comply with this urgency.

  1. Being Helpful and Efficient

Regardless of the contact channel, the customer must have quality service. In fact, one of the main factors measuring this issue is efficiency.

The attendant must be helpful in understanding consumer demand and resolving the issue quickly. With pre-established processes, it is even possible to resolve the request in the first contact.

  1. Mapping the customer journey

Customer journey mapping is another important element in developing aligned, relevant and personalized strategies. With this, your company can reach consumers according to the purchase period they are in.

For example, a person interested in knowing the company’s products and a customer who has already decided which one to buy and just wants to complete the purchase are two different profiles. Therefore, they must be met according to these particularities.

This makes it easy to guide the consumer on their buying journey. In addition to avoiding misunderstandings in communication.

How to transform quality in service in differential competitive?

These good practices help to increase quality customer service. With this, the company will not only satisfy the consumer with a positive experience. But it will also make contact a competitive advantage of the brand.

As we have stated, word of mouth is one of the oldest and most effective forms of advertising. Getting an indication from someone you trust is crucial to building your own brand.

This American Express study even shows that word of mouth is still on the rise. About 93% of customers comment on positive service experiences from time to time. While 46% often talk about it to an average of 8 people.

This attests to the need for optimum customer service quality. This NewVoice survey shows that 69% of consumers would recommend the company to a friend after a positive experience.

Helpful tools to improve service

For providing truly differentiated service, it is critical that the company develops an efficient strategy, what needs professional qualification and appropriate tools.

OlosChannel, for example, is an omnichannel platform that enables you to improve customer service quality by identifying customer preferred channels. The system brings together and integrates several communication channels, finding the most relevant for the consumer.

The platform has features that enable a good management of call center service. In addition, it uses data intelligence to perform customer journey mapping and deliver more complete performance reports. This makes it possible to streamline the experience and ensure quality and efficiency in customer service.

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