Customer service quality: how to reduce the call center queue?

Waiting time at the Call Center is one of the main aspects to provide quality service. And, as a result, it also helps you improve consumer satisfaction with the brand.

In addition, other indicators impact customer experience and service quality. For example:

– Agility in solving problems;

– Availability of channels;

– Correct addressing of the contact;

– Approach used by the agent, among others.

Therefore, it is my thoughts that influence the customer’s perception of the brand and also the satisfaction with the contact. Luego, it’s essential that call centers develop solid service strategies.


Many businesses still relate their service’s quality only to the number of available agents. The idea is basically to reduce the queue. But this method is far from being enough, once other important questions impact on it, such as building a high-quality consumer experience.

Paying attention to this challenge, we have highlighted 7 strategies that can be adopted in a Call Center. So that you can reduce the waiting line, the customer service average time and improve its quality simultaneously. Have a look!

1. IVR

Nowadays, technologies enable a complete and intelligent IVR (Interactive Voice Response). With this solution, it is possible for the customer to consult many things easily and quickly. For example, payment information, billing data, nearby stores, among others.

The service is completely digital, avoiding waiting in line for a human agent to be free.

2. Digital Agent

Digital agent is another solution which was influenced by technology. The feature automates different service channels such as telephones, chatbot, social networks and much more, all intelligently.

It uses artificial intelligence and data intelligence in order to identify customer demands and perfect itself over time. With that, the service becomes more assertive and efficient, according to the system’s usage.

3. Chatbot

Modern customers are looking for more diverse service channels. By all means, they want to contact call centers through their preferred media. Chatbot stands out in this scenario for having an automated and efficient communication at the same time.

It can be used in different ways. Both through website and by social networks or messaging applications as WhatsApp and Telegram.

4. Call Back

The call back strategy allows the consumer to schedule a call with the company whether through the app or other channels. In this way, rather than making him wait in line, the agent will contact the customer at the most convenient time.

Thus, the company offers customization, safety and easiness to the consumer.

5. Agents training

In order to improve the service quality and reduce the waiting time, it is essential to join technological innovation and agents training.

After all, by mastering processes, tools and the best approaches, agents will be able to perfect their contacts with the consumer.

6. Data Intelligence

Data intelligence is an essential field today for mapping customer journey. Based on the history of relationship between client and company, it is possible to meet their most frequent demands, previous problems, dissatisfactions, etc. All this information makes easier to developing faster and more efficient strategies and solutions.

In addition to understanding consumers, the brand can also develop strategies that are more in line with their expectations.

7. Integrated Tools

In order to perfect service quality, it is essential that the call center has these tools and integrated management channels. It enables a complete customer service rather than providing fragmented experiences.

In this sense, OlosChannel is the perfect option for your company, as it has all the solutions and features you need to deploy an Omnichannel communication. Thus, it is possible to integrate all your brand channels, unifying the customer service.

In addition to this, there is also Olos Web Interactive (OWI) – an exclusive Olos’ technology. This resource meets several demands through a visual, sonorous and interactive platform, capable of performing functions of charges, sales and customer service. Among the things it can perform, you can find product demonstrations, negotiations, data collection and whatever your business may need.

By using a technology that employs data intelligence to perfect itself over time, this solution is an increasingly clever way which companies have to put be in touch with their public, directly impacting their service quality. Willing to know more about it? Learn more about the solution and contact our experts!

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