7 hints for reducing the average service time

The relevance of the relationship between brands and customers is more and more related to the capacity of promoting efficient contacts, what includes reducing the average attention service time on the brand’s channels.

There are several strategies that can be developed focusing on reducing times in a call center, improving the business’ performance while guaranteeing the customers’ satisfaction.

Below, you can find 7 hints we’ve prepared for reducing this important metric of a call center. Take a look!

1 – Training the team

The first step in order to reduce the attention service average time is to promote the team’s training, with the agents being apt to solve the customer’s demand in a smaller amount of time, increasing the quality and availability of the contacts.

2 – Counting with automation solutions

The solutions in automation, like chatbots and digital agents, are essential for improving the service’s quality and also for reducing the waiting time.

The digital agent, for example, makes a previous screening of the customer, directing him to the area he needs to talk with, what improves our relationship with him and the way he lives it.

3 – Monitoring the average time

Improving a metric in any departments of a corporation requires its monitoring and mapping – the average service time is also part of this scope.

The metric must be followed up alone and collectively, verifying how is the team’s performance and which resources and training could be given to improve it.

4 – Being Omnichannel

An Omnichannel strategy allows the corporation to diversify its attention service channels, making feasible for the customer to contact the brand by phone, chat, social media, e-mail, and others. Thus, it decongests the service channels so that none of them have a bad waiting time.

5 – Respecting the legislation

The Ministry of Justice has determined in December, 1st 2008 that the waiting time after the customer selects the option of “talking to an agent” must be smaller than 1 minute for general corporations and 45 seconds for banks and credit cards.

Therefore, knowing and respecting the legislation is one of the alternatives for getting to decrease the waiting time, also avoiding the amercements to be applied in that case.

6 – Encouraging the team

Besides being trained, the team must remain motivated in order to perform a good and in-time attendance.  It’s important to provide the necessary work conditions for reaching this goal, such as tools and support for these professionals.

7 – Using a software for engaging with customers

An engagement software, such as Olos Channel, has functionalities for automating the attention service processes, making it faster and more efficient.

One of the solution’s resources is the OWI technology (Olos Web Interactive) – a visual, sonorous and interactive auto service platform, exclusively developed by Olos, which aims to promote the communication between customers and businesses in a completely automated way.

Olos Channel can be acceded without any installation process, and works with all the web browsers, besides being completely customizable, accomplishing different functions such as performing products’ demonstrations, collecting data, offering online paying, among other applications.

Thereby, it’s essential for the manager to develop the necessary strategies, including the investment in new technologies, aiming to reduce the average service time and improving the customer’s experience.

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