4 tips for addressing key challenges in customer service

Ensuring a quality service and enabling operational scalability is one of the major challenges in customer service. To overcome them, it is important for managers to be aware of new technologies and trends.

In fact, the chances of customer loyalty and retention are directly associated with the experience provided. Still, many professionals have questions about the key strategies that make the buying journey more satisfying.

In order to help you with the challenge of optimizing operation and getting better results, here are four key solutions.


Multi-channel means that the company is available in multiple communication channels and platforms. Both offline – by phone – and online – by chats, WhatsApp, social networks and others. In this strategy, the company’s channels are complementary and allow the customer to switch between them without affecting their experience.

This feature is important to meet changing customer demands. In this way, they expect customer service to be available and efficient inside different channels.

By having several contact channels, it is possible to get in touch with customer by using the most appropriate way, addressing their needs at a given moment.


To overcome today’s customer service challenges, it is also essential for companies to act on data collection and processing. Dimension Data’s global report “Customer Experience Benchmarking” has uncovered information to support this trend. Check out:

  • Customer analytics is the 2nd most important factor when improving the customer experience and should reach # 1 in a few years;
  • 48% of companies have analytical systems. But only 36% allege to use more complete data analysis systems;
  • 42% of respondents say that software used for data analysis does not meet the company’s current needs.

Therefore, strategic and technological investment in customer data analysis is an urgent demand. Thus, companies will become able to customize service and anticipate consumer preferences, which will result in more competitiveness and better results.


In addition to analyzing customer data, it is important that companies also evaluate agents’ performance. This requires monitoring customer service metrics. Everything aiming to understand the team’s own limitations during the customer path-to-purchase.

Then, with metrics and performance indicators on hands, managers can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship strategy. This optimizes and tests new processes that enable better performance.

It is also possible to train employees to increase service quality and provide customer satisfaction.


Finally, another relevant aspect of overcoming customer service’s challenges is investing in specialized technology. In this scenario, it is essential to have innovative solutions, such as OlosChannel.

The tool was developed focused on providing a great customer experience with your brand. Whether for the customer service, billing, or sales industries, you will find everything you need in one single software. So, you have everything from an omnichannel platform to a unique digital agent solution.

OlosChannel integrates several communication channels: Email, Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Chat, Facebook and more! It makes customer contacts easier by unifying service channels without losing any information, which makes the experience more fluid.

Another major highlight of the platform is advanced Data Intelligence technology. This feature collects information and interprets your mailing, distributing it to the most assertive channels according to customer preferences.

In addition, OlosChannel can be customized to your needs. It provides you the best of software for your business. Willing to know more? Contact us and request a demo visit.

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