4 hints to improve your collections department with a multichannel platform

The operations in the collections department are quite sensible once they deal with a critical moment for the customer, requiring attention and politeness by the agent. Adopting a multichannel platform is a question which provides you professionalism and success at this moment.

This technology allows to perform the collection in several communication channels, such as telephone, email, social networks, WhatsApp, SMS and others, with the approach being performed through the most comfortable channel for the customer.

Once you use a multichannel platform for doing the customer attention service, you can sum this technology with more efficient strategies which allow you to optimize your department’s operations. Here are four hints about how to do it!

  1.       Knowing the customer’s profile

The corporation must know deeply about the debtor customer’s profile. Once you know that, it will be possible to develop more focused strategies. Make filters considering the time of the debt, its value, the debts recurrence, time of contract, and other variables; use the channels which most fit to them.

In several cases, it’s very important to have a personalization, so that the customer’s and the debt’s data can be acceded before the approach. If you use a multichannel platform, this information can be previously consulted and employed with a bigger assertiveness during the service.

  1.       Performing the customer’s journey tracking

Knowing and tracking the customer’s journey is essential to have a more assertive attention service, which considers each characteristic observed in each stage and which king of approach presents bigger chances of being well-succeeded.

The operation must understand the details of each case and the customer’s needs to address the most efficient solution that the corporation may offer.

  1.       Having a complete and multichannel-friendly script

The multichannel platform allows the client to be attended through the channel which he prefers, according to the moment of the dealing journey. Due to this particularity, the script for the collection must contemplate the different interactions that can happen, the customer’s profile and the debt specifications.

Aiming the goal of turning the communication easier and strategical, the Digital Agent is one of the technologies that can be used along the journey, performing all kinds of dealings, from the simplest to the most complex ones, always locating the right person, confirming the data and implementing payment reminders.

  1.       Approaching by the most suitable channel

A great benefit from the multichannel platform is the possibility of getting onto the customer in the most relevant channel for him. This aspect can and must be broadly explored in the collection strategy.

By the aid of Data Intelligence, this technology allows you to address the service to the channel which offers bigger chances of generating a deal or the payment of the debt.

The Olos’ multichannel platform was developed thinking of optimize the job and improve the results in the collection centrals, offering a innovative experience for your customers. Using the OlosChannel, your service is automated and the customer’s journey is tracked. Everything to guarantee a thorough management of your operation and the costs reduction to your business. Want to know more? Send us a message and request a demonstrative visitation!

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