3 practical tips for improving support service quality

The new technologies resulted in substantial changes in the business administration and has also influenced the customers behavior. With this, is essential to develop strategies for improving the support service quality so that you can build customer loyalty and increase the profitability of the brand.

Currently, solutions that promote a better customer experience are related to technology. Following, we feature three of them:

  1. Helpdesk solutions

The customer support solutions named Helpdesk those urgent ones. Their function is to answer urgent requests from consumers and clarify doubts about the purchase process. Two strategies can be highlighted in this category:

  • FAQ: Which stands for “frequently asked questions”. It is usually a guide with the recurring problems in the purchase path. In this way, the consumers can clarify their doubts and do not need to contact the brand
  • Chat: The chatbot using artificial intelligence has become more common as an emergency service option. This does not demand a human agent behind it and it is able to solve the most basic demands of customers, which reduces the time of service.

Both strategies must be developed considering the customers’ recurring problems. But this does not exempt the need to review the processes so that they become more fluid.

  1. Data intelligence

Currently, another important demand to improve the support service quality is to invest in data intelligence, which is possible, mainly, by using the information generated by your company’s customer database.

The data intelligence consists in capturing, treating, processing and storage of the data. However, executing these tasks quickly and with quality requires the usage of a specific engagement software.

By putting these stages into practice, your company is able to identify important information about its processes. For example:

  • Most common challenges in the customer’s path-to-purchase;
  • Public’s profile;
  • Consumer preferences about the channels of service;
  • Ability to solve problems using current processes;
  • Trends in the customer engagement and attention service.

When properly processed, the data reveal useful information about the service operation and customer support. With this, managers can develop strategic improvements that truly impact the customer’s experience.

  1. Omnichannel service

Consumers have access to a wide variety of sources and communication channels. For example: telephone, email, social networks, applications, SMS and others. It is important that your company identifies which are the most relevant ones for your database and develops actions aligned with the public’s profile.

So, it is useless to maintain the service exclusively by phone if many customers come looking for contact via WhatsApp. Having an Omnichannel communication means being present in these different channels. In addition, it helps to create an integrated experience to improve the support service’s quality.

How does OlosChannel improve the service’s quality?

In order to reduce service time, optimize internal processes and offer a better experience to customers, you must use technological solutions.

OlosChannel is an Omnichannel software that makes possible the union of these three strategies to offer more quality in the customer attention and support service. This allows the integration of all communication channels, increasing control over the customer’s path-to-purchase. In addition to this, the platform uses data intelligence to identify the consumer’s preferred service channels, which makes the contacts more assertive and personalized.

The tool provides complete reports of the service, assuring better decisions making. Managers also have all the self-service functionalities available, such as URA, Chatbot and digital agent, which reduce response time and offer autonomy to the consumer.

OlosChannel still includes real-time calls monitoring, call recorder and more resources in order to increase your customer service to another level. Do you want to know more? Contact us and request a demonstration!

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