3 essential pillars for customer service quality

Over the years, research has shown that quality service impacts the chances of customer retention and loyalty. All of them, by the way, affect companies’ financial results.

Especially because winning new customers is more expensive and laborious than keeping current consumers satisfied with the brand. So, managers need to avoid this cycle of losses. For this, it is necessary to invest in strategies to increase the customer service quality and improve the relationship with the customer.

Therefore, to be successful in the current market scenario, it is essential that brands meet customer demands and provide good experiences.


As mentioned, high quality service has become a key part of keeping customers happy and thus improving business results.

According to Microsoft’s 2015 Multi-Channel SAC Global Report, 62% of consumers stop buying a company’s products or services due to poor customer service experiences.

Other research, this time from Lee Resources, shows the importance of providing effective care. According to the survey, when the brand solves a favorable customer demand, the chances of him doing business again is 70%.


It is clear that brands need to be mindful of quality service to meet consumer expectations. This is the only way to establish long-term partnerships and relationships.

To achieve this goal, we highlight the 3 main aspects of customer service quality. Check it out below!

1. Satisfy customer needs

Initially, it is essential that the service is able to meet / meet customer needs. At this point, it is no use for managers to think of strategies to exceed expectations if they have not yet been able to do the basics effectively.

Therefore, develop clear processes to meet customer demands and meet customer needs when requested.

It is also important that, first of all, the attendant can resolve the request submitted by the customer. Only after that, should you offer a promotion, demonstrate a new service, among other options.

2. Offer a good customer experience

To provide a good experience, the attendant will need to comply with the previous pillar and do so with quality and efficiency. In this regard, it is included for example:

  • Quick answer after the call;
  • Do not perform multiple transfers during the contact;
  • Know the customer relationship history;
  • Customize the service;
  • Provide different channels for the customer to make contact.

Therefore, experience refers to meeting the customer’s central demand. In addition, the process should be as seamless and simple as possible for the consumer.

3. Agility in problem solving

Quickly resolving customer demand is another pillar of quality service. In this case, it makes a lot of difference to have pre-established processes to resolve common issues.

For example, if the customer wants to change the invoice payday, there should be no doubt. The clerk must resolve the demand quickly, following a familiar procedure and through an integrated information system.

Therefore, agility depends on a tripod:

  • Complete software for attendance;
  • Well trained attendants;
  • Processes defined for each type of demand.

By meeting these three pillars of quality service, the company is more likely to satisfy the customer. And it is even easier to exceed his expectations, increasing the chances of retention and loyalty.


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