How does omnichannel communication help increase sales?

Increasing access to information and technology has brought significant changes in consumer behavior. Thus, companies need to adopt more innovative strategies for customer relationship, such as Omnichannel communication.

According to BCG, only 4% of the total sales of the Brazilian retail market are done online. However, 50% of all purchases made on physical stores are influenced by a digital path-to-purchase.

In this way, managers should be aware that the results of physical shops also depend on a consistent Omnichannel strategy. In the end, the buying decision is increasingly influenced by digital processes.


A relevant aspect of our new consumer behavior is the greater access to information, which means that customers are becoming more demanding and pay more attention to the experience provided by the companies.

Customers are looking for ease, speed and efficiency at all stages of purchase. So, they want quality since when they are looking for product information on the website, until when they have some technical problems in the future.

Therefore, the entire customer experience from the first contact with the brand until the post-sales influence the chances of making a deal. In order to provide the best possible experience, all these aspects of customer service and relationship should be integrated, which will provide a fluid customer experience that addresses Omnichannel communication.


As we have said before, changes in consumer behavior have transformed the way brands act. With the new medias, for example, customer does not want to contact the company only through the traditional channels, such as telephone or email.

The consumer also wants innovation in this process. That means, he wants to dialogue at any time and by the channel he prefers, such as:

– Chatbot

– Social Networks

– Whatsapp

– Telegram

– Skype, among others

So, customer satisfaction depends on the company’s ability to provide different service channels and also an Omnichannel experience.


In this scenario, it is clear that Omnichannel communication is important for improving consumer experience with the brand. Moreover, this strategy influences the business sales. It happens because it affects customer satisfaction, and therefore the odds of retention and loyalty.

The Brazilian business Magazine Luiza, for example, obtained a 241% growth in Digital sales and a 51% increase in physical sales between 2015 and 2018. It happened mainly due to the inversion of Omnichannel’s strategies, according to Forbes.

A poll which has taken place by IDC consultancy also supports the importance of the Omnichannel for sales. According to the Worldwide Retail 2018 Predictions study, up to 2019, 50% of retailers will adopt an Omnichannel platform. It will impact with a 30% increase in profitability.

Therefore, investing in Omnichannel must impact sales and results both in online and offline universes, which will enable a faster ROI.


In order to achieve good results with Omnichannel communication, it is essential that you get the proper technologies and tools. OlosChannel, for example, is a complete Omnichannel platform.

The tool enables both integration of the customer relationship strategy, offering different service channels, and integration with more complete services, such as IVR and digital agent.

Thus, the solution offers a fluid experience and increases service satisfaction, improving the odds of retention and loyalty.

To top it off, OlosChannel has full reports, which enable you to monitor metrics for more solid business growth. Get to know the Omnichannel platform of Olos: take a look at its valuable benefits and request a demo!

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