Olos Web

Interactive (OWI)

Get an exclusive self-service solution to promote innovative customer interaction.

Ensure the best digital experience for your customers with a complete self-service platform without the need for human operator intervention.

Olos Web Interactive (OWI), the exclusive Olos solution, has a friendly, human and innovative interface.

With a visual, sound and interactive self-service, our platform connects with various communication channels and can be fully customizable.

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Why implement
visual, sound and interactive self-service platform?

Get to know the importance of having a complete self-service
solution to improve customer experience!

Almost 50% of our brain is used to process images
Our eyes contain 70% of all our sensory receptors
Our brain can understand an image in less than a tenth of a second
An image can be processed in 150 milliseconds and we managed to give it a meaning in 100 milliseconds

How to use Olos Web Interactive (OWI)

in your company?

Our exclusive self-service solution provides a versatile channel for customer relationship and interaction and performs various activities in the operation of companies. Everything automatically, from the beginning to the end of the processes.

Product sales
Online payments
Scheduling of payment date
Debt negotiations
Product demonstration
Data collection
Request for contact via chat
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How does our
exclusive solution work?

The OWI generates a unique and innovative digital experience through graphic resources that facilitate customer interaction. Everything happens in an interface similar to an app.

Access to the OWI:

Access is given via the URL Olos or via an infrastructure provided by the client and can be shared with users through SMS, e-mail, chat, among others.

Authentication and authorization levels:

The system performs a unique identification verification of each user.

Statistics and monitoring:

It allows to measure the time that the user has been on each screen, their choices, interactions and many other performance indicators.


The Olos Web Interactive stores all the information necessary for the operation of the platform and the results of all interactions with your clients.

Improve Customer
Experience with Olos
Interactive Web

It offers a personalized experience to customers with a complete self-service platform. Olos Web Interactive (OWI) has various functionalities to make the service more friendly and interactive.

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Mental maps:

It facilitates associations between the information that must be highlighted in the conversation with the client and creates sentences of effect.

Data intelligence:

Identifies consumer preferences, sorts and integrates history information into the system, generating analyzes and interpretations for assertive decision making.

Semantic Dictionaries:

It generates similarities between words and expressions, humanizing the relationship with the consumer.

Main benefits

of technology

Personalization of the customer experience
Data analysis to identify customer preferences
Availability of various channels for customer service
Performing various functions
Measurement of user activity indicators

Integrate the
self-service platform
with OlosChannel

Optimize your operation and customer experience even further with the OWI integrated into OlosChannel, Olos’ Omnichannel platform.

It brings together all the channels on a single platform: voice, digital agent, SMS bot, OWI, chatbot (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, e-mail, etc.) and other communication channels.

Have the most efficient channels for each scenario, identify the preferred means of customer contact, automate processes and access the complete consumer history with your company.

The result is more savings in time and resources, more quality in the service of attention, in the relationship and in the interactions with clients, with more satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business