The OlosChannel improves the quality of customer service and facilitates the relationship with patients at all times.

For hospitals, laboratories, clinics and other health companies to improve the quality of customer service, it is essential to have technology.

With the OlosChannel platform, you will have an Omnichannel service to streamline the resolution of demands in the health area, and provide a differentiated experience for patients.

The tool monitors the customer journey, identifies the most relevant channels for contact with patients and provides complete reports on interactions.


The OlosChannel guarantees all the necessary functionalities for a high quality customer service in the health area.

Scheduling/Confirmation of medical appointments
Exam results
Update records
Change of health plans
Frequent doubts
Cancellations and date changes
Issuance of promissory note and invoices
Customized after-sales service
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Challenges of Customer

Care management in

healthcare sector

The two biggest core customer service issues in the healthcare area are:

Bureaucratic processes: 49% of service time is directed to administrative tasks, according to study The US Contact Center Operational Review.

Difficulty in knowing the clients, their journey between different channels, their characteristics, preferences and most used means of contacts.


Investing in an Omnichannel platform solves both questions! With Olos Channel, your institution can:

Optimize processes and guarantee team agility, efficiency and increased productivity
Bringing multiple channels together in one place to unify communication with the patient
Go through the different means of contact without losing the fluidity of the approach
Accompany the patient's journey and carry out operations, such as scheduling medical appointments, etc.
Personalize customer interaction according to its history and context.

How OlosChannel works
for the healthcare sector?

Olos has the ideal technology to improve the patient’s journey, from the scheduling of medical appointments, to the coordination of the service, diagnosis and accompaniment.

OlosChannel brings together voice solutions (dialer and DAC), Inbound service, digital agent, SMS bot, Chatbot (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, E-mail, etc.), and other communication channels in one single platform.

The platform optimizes the work of operators in various ways, such as:

Sending SMS, mail or voice message to confirm or change the date of consultations
Trigger automated messages that anticipate doubts
Notice according to the channel of preference that the exams are ready
Verify the need for some additional service, suggesting consultations or exams
Confirm medical appointments and exams in order to avoid no-show
And much more!
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Raise patients experience
to another level

To further improve the quality of service and optimize the patient experience, OlosChannel has digital agents integrated into the system.

Olos Web Interactive (OWI), our exclusive digital agent solution, is a visual, sound and interactive self-service platform, which performs various functions, such as collecting patient data and recording appointments.

Get to know the OlosChannel and see the tools that can be implemented in your hospital or clinic, seeking to revolutionize the patient experience.

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business