Financial Market

OlosChannel is the ideal solution to transform the customer experience in financial institutions, banks and other companies of the sector.

Consumers of financial services (banks, mortgage loans, security, brokerage and others) are increasingly demanding in relation to customer service and the relationship with the institution.



OlosChannel has the necessary functionalities to improve the quality of the customer relationship at all times and the services provided, such as:

Customer service
Sale of services
After sales
Frequent doubts
And much more!
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Different audiences,

multiple channels

The financial sector needs to serve different types of audiences through various communication channels.

A younger customer may prefer to be contacted via application, an older customer wants face-to-face care and a third party wants to be alerted by SMS about their invoice.

With channel diversification, a balanced Omnichannel strategy is critical to improving the customer experience with financial services.

OlosChannel integrates service channels looking for a more consistent and fluid customer journey between the different media.

How OlosChannel can help the financial sector?

To guarantee the best possible experience for each client and offer financial services efficiently, it has OlosChannel.

The complete omnichannel solution brings together diverse communication channels on a single platform and, using data intelligence, recognizes the best means for your company to connect with customers.

The OlosChannel has voice solutions (dialer and DAC), inbound service, digital agent, SMS bot, Chatbot (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, E-mail, etc.), and other communication channels in one single platform.

Automated, the Omnichannel platform allows the use of the most efficient means to serve your client, when and where he prefers it, in a personalized way.

Customer service

automation for the

financial sector

And it’s not all! OlosChannel offers an exclusive tool: Olos Web Interactive (OWI).

The visual, sound and interactive self-service platform is capable of executing collections, sales and customer service functions, demonstrating products, making negotiations, collecting data and everything your business may need.

All processes, such as collecting fees from a backlog, are done from start to finish, without the need for a human agent.

Why invest
on an
Omnichannel platform?

Ernst & Young study reveals that customers trust 30% more banks that delivered more consistent experiences.

These data show how the financial sector invests in the use of new technologies to improve the customer experience and the importance that consumers place on a better experience.

Therefore, OlosChannel cannot be outside of this strategy. The Omnichannel platform provides:

Integration of various channels
Access to consumer history
Mapping the customer journey
Personalization of relationships and interactions
Automation of customer service
More fluent and consistent experience
Complete reports

Customer experience customization

Guarantee the retention and loyalty of consumers in your financial institution with a personalized experience.

With the OlosChannel, your company maps the customer journey, identifies consumer needs, and can suggest financial services or solutions to demands.

Everything with much more assertiveness!

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business